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   Recently, the city introduced the first Yuan Anxian "Yuan Anxian strengthen the promotion of rural drinking water safety plan", to further accelerate the county rural drinking water safety arrangements for the work. "Plan" clearly stated objectives, in 2017 to promote the county as a whole, rural drinking water safety project global coverage, the countys rural basic safety of drinking water, the township to establish a new mechanism for rural drinking water safety project construction and management. OK By 2020, the project focused on rural water supply guarantee rate of not less than 95%, dispersed engineering water supply guarantee rate of not less than 90%; water quality compliance rate has improved greatly; centralized water supply rate in rural areas is more than 90% of urban water pipe network coverage villages ratios above 33%. The 2020 target is higher than the target provinces.

   "implementation plan" points guiding ideology, objectives, tasks, main measures and organizational leadership of four parts. Focus on innovation around the construction and management mechanism, strengthen the construction of water projects, drinking water projects to strengthen the operation and management, strengthen the financial security and so on. First, determine an innovative mechanism. The township as a unit set up Rural Water Supply Management Ltd., responsible for the construction of rural water supply projects in the region, business management and maintenance of 20 or more centralized water supply. Second, a clear two criteria. Approved the project subsidies. Based on field estimates, according to the extension pipe network, the new centralized water supply facilities, joint household cellar, cellar single-family four ways to determine the non-poor villages 500,600,2800,3300 yuan subsidies per person. Second, clear construction standards. Construction in strict accordance with the requirements "Rural Water Supply Project design specifications" and "Rural Water Supply Project Construction Quality Acceptance" the implementation of projects or facilities must be standardized, disinfection facilities must be complete. Third, the implementation of the three funds. Program clearly annual construction funds, the county finance co-ordinate arrangements for 17.88 million yuan for the year 2017 project. At the same time guarantee the implementation of the annual water quality testing as a capital of 200,000 yuan funds for the year corporate self-correction, protect and enhance water quality testing capabilities in rural areas; repair and maintenance of the implementation of the county government also funds 35 in accordance with the standard 2.1 yuan per person according to the total number of population in rural areas million.

   "opinions" also requires, rural drinking water safety work strictly implement the responsibility to implement the local chief responsibility system, the township peoples government is the main responsibility for ensuring drinking water safety in rural areas, minus the total of rural drinking water safety within their respective jurisdictions responsibility. Strengthen coordination and cooperation, the establishment led by the water sector, the township governmentHouse, County Development and Reform Commission, the working mechanism of health dollars, finance, housing construction, land, agriculture, environmental protection, Poverty Alleviation Office, City Investment and other departments to participate; strict accountability assessment, the establishment of classification evaluation mechanism, county and township authorities to conduct an annual assessment township and village water supply company to conduct an annual assessment. And supervision departments to not complete the annual task of towns, villages and were not required to use the funds accountable.

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