Six advantages of warm water

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warm water - boiled water cooled to 20 to 45 degrees, can also be used against water and cold water to


cool white open - boiled water cooled to normal temperature, generally at a temperature of 2 to 25 degrees


the warm water advantages:


鈶?thirst. Warm water is the most thirst-quenching, the most wholesome drink is any drink can not be replaced. Because warm water does not contain calories, while warm water of the same temperature and body temperature, can be directly absorbed by the body without digestion.


鈶?raise stomach. Temperature and fluid temperature of the warm water of the same, does not stimulate the oral cavity, it does not stimulate the gastrointestinal motility, easy to cause vasoconstriction.


鈶?harm reduction. Warm water can reduce the harmful substances in tap water. The experiments show that: water 13 kinds of harmful substances through the water to boil volatile conversion, such as a halogenated hydrocarbon can be reduced to 9.2 [mu] g 53 [mu] g, 43.8 [mu] g of chloroform to 8.3 micrograms. The water filter can not have these effects.


鈶?detoxification, clean stomach. After warm water to drink, does not shrink the stomach, and immediately washed away to dilute the parenteral dope, toxins. These objects into urine. Drink plenty of warm water, blood pigment easily precipitates formed face freckles.


鈶?prevention of disease. Many diseases are caused by the bodys blood viscosity due to Taiwan. Drink warm water can reduce the viscosity of body fluids, acid-base balance of body fluids mediate and prevent stones, urinary tract infections cardiovascular sclerosis, arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis and the like urinary system. This is not a substitute for a beverage.


鈶?cure a cold. When cold, drink warm water, can promote the body heat, timely excretion of toxins and restore health. Especially in the beginning of a cold, drink warm water, with a clear therapeutic effect and slow the symptoms.

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