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  Reverse osmosis water purification works have a bucket of good or no good barrel: Tim net water purification Views: 285 Date: 2019-6-1 15:48:58 core reverse osmosis water purifier filter membrane is a reverse osmosis membrane, a reverse osmosis membrane filtration precision of up to 0.0001 microns, can filter out bacteria, radioactive substances, heavy metals and organic compounds and other minor impurities, allowing only water molecules, water is filtered. Because of the high precision filtration, reverse osmosis filtration rate so slow RO membrane, commercially Take 50G (G = gallons A gallon 3.8 liters) of reverse osmosis membrane, for example, 50-gallon water purifier means, said work 24 hours, capable of producing pure water is approximately 50 gallons (190 liters). If then converted to the volume, about 0.13L / min. This flow is rather small, which means you get a bottle of mineral water (typically 500ml), and so full, it takes about 4 minutes. To solve this problem, pressure drums came into being. The reverse osmosis water purification unit produced water stored in the pressure barrel, until the time the user needs water, the water will preferentially pressure bucket out. As the pressure tank volume generally 10L, so users do not have to spend time waiting for the water system. How does it work pressure bucket is? Pressure tank which has an inflatable balloon, squeezing the bag when the water so that the water in the opposite direction by the pressure, when the pressure is equal to the water pressure, the pressure barrel full of water, water stop In this case of reverse osmosis water purification system of water and complete stop. When the user needs to open the tap water, the water flows out in the opposite direction, to produce outward pressure, water will flow out. In this way the water inlet, forming a complete cycle. Reverse osmosis water purifiers have no bucket and bucket which is good from the perspective of first footprint, there are buckets of water purifier is certainly a lesser extent. Bucketless purifier need only install the necessary components may be used normally, and does not account for the location and appearance when installed, but later the tub front purifier further need to reserve a certain position of the left pressure tank placed in the kitchen. Secondly, taking into account security issues, no bucket water purifiers no pressure tank, will not pose a security risk, while carrying barrels of water purifiers due to the pressure tank, may be a security risk, such as the pressure is abnormal, it may cause an explosion. From the health point of view, there is pressure-barrel barrel water purifier is closed, if there is prolonged use canCan induce secondary pollution. And rubber cushion pressure barrel used, if the material is not good, it may cause excessive nitrite in water, without bucket water purifier is no such concern. However, no barrel water purifier is not all the advantages, in terms of the amount of water, there are barrels water purifiers because of pre-storage advantage or the upper hand. Although no bucket of water purifier that is poured That can drink, but the water did not have buckets outstanding performance. If the home hydro instability, often encounter special circumstances without water, electricity, etc., without bucket water purifier disadvantage is more prominent, and arguably water purification function accordingly disabled. While a barrel of water purifier at this time to reflect the advantages of its pre-emptive, emergency when not completely unusable.

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