Water purification agents how to do market grasp customer ne

   need to do business profitable, is the same water purifier, must rely on the customer, the customer agents to join an important resource for survival and development. Water purifier franchisees how profitable, how dealers make money? Customer who in the world! Grasp customer needs is the key! Purifiers franchisee must change the traditional business concept, good customer service, consolidation of existing customers, while continuing to develop new clients, selling products in order to maintain a steady and profitable market.


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   1 word of mouth through friends and customers to enhance profitability

   behind every customer, have a lot of friends and colleagues, and so on. If you win a customers word of mouth, you still might win the goodwill of friends and family to this customer, thereby generating additional revenue. Franchisee may also be appropriate to give the customer a certain commission to stimulate customers to give publicity to his friends and family to buy goods, and then turn on the speed of brand awareness, enhance the profitability of franchise sales.

   2 good product is profitable basis

   the current water purifier brand over more than 3,000 water purification products available in the market can be said to look very similar, but the huge internal differences, if a customer buy a poor quality product, then problems will follow one after another franchisee fed up, let alone a profit, the brand should be affected. So join agents have to pick a reliable brand strength have their own factories, can no worries.

   3 good service can improve product turnover rates

   water purifier franchisee must do their service in the shop process, the industry has been circulating, "Three products, seven services "concept, which shows the importance of service.

   4 good after-sales follow-up to achieve profitability

   sell the product does not end there, as well as follow-up installation, replacement filter sales, after sales services, which are these long-term increase in earnings . Many franchisees weight only temporary interests, products sell opinions on the matter, and after-sale customer problem is not solved in time, lead to the franchisee in the local market reputation and credibility is getting worse, more and more difficult to sell the product. And excellent after-sales follow-up to join the Chamber of Commerce in a timely manner, including on-site installation, filter replacement, fault repair, so that you increase the value of unlimited, you increase customer trust.

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