White water purifier how to choose- Remembthis recipe

   an epidemic, let some ignorant circles.

   A few months stay at home, no place to spend money, ah, so online shopping has become an inevitable choice. Cooking is not very good, but high-end equipment must be neat, so the line store sales decline in serious, but the line kitchen appliances and small appliances hot sales, an increase of more than 70% cooking machine, dishwasher disinfection cabinet also grew more than 30%.

   why these products so the fire? Because life goes on, especially under the epidemic, health appliances surge in demand, as long as there is a healthy concept, can fire one. However, some products only a little concept of health, but some products are real health products, such as water purifier.

   water purifier coverage increased dramatically in recent years. Nevertheless, water purifier coverage is not enough, and clean drinking water requirements of the people to be improved. National Bureau of Statistics data show that: national water purification products market coverage statistics, only 5% of our market coverage, while South Korea is a high 95% market coverage, Europe is 85%.



   clean water on the human body is very important, but at present many brands of water purifiers, features varied, consumers can easily rip off force.

   So, how to choose a good water purifier it?

   First of all it has to reverse osmosis, high-throughput, low-waste, small size, intelligence and other functions, the appearance of the a matter of opinion.

   large flux, then water do not like.

   a small water flow, very convenient, such as access to water, there are a large flux of 500-600 gallons of water purifier on the market, water flow per minute up to 1.56L, so take full glass water only 10 seconds. Xiao Bian see some models only 0.13L / min, which means to cook a pot of soup need to take 10 minutes of water.

   at the same time look at the product meets the national standard, good water purifier water production rate 鈮?0%.

   quality imported filter, the filter was assured



   The best filter is imported, filter water purifier is the "heart", currently a better filter VPC is the integrated filter, a long-acting folding cotton + PP sintered high hydrophilicityAfter the coconut shell charcoal + charcoal combination set, a good filter can effectively intercept impurities sand, rust, dust, red worms, and other particulate matter, for color, odor, chlorine adsorption rate of 95%.

   must have a reverse osmosis RO membranes

   VS mineral water, purified water: It can be said that at first controversy ultrafiltration and RO machine, ultrafiltration machines think RO machine too clean water, lack of "nutrition"; RO water machines believe ultrafiltration machine not clean enough, more harm than good. Xiao Bian personally think that, rather nutritional deficiency, nor drink water heavy metal, heavy metal because the human body is difficult to discharge go, will increase the burden on the liver and blood.



   How to eliminate heavy metal contamination of lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and the like, the answer is RO reverse osmosis membrane must have.

   For example, U.S. imports Dow RO membrane, as compared to conventional RO membrane film roll more pages, tightness better accuracy may be up to 0.0001 micron filtering, heavy metals filtration rate can reach 90%.

   To multiple mode

   have a plurality of mode switching intelligence and selling. Such as drinking water and domestic water mode mode. Smart Display screen, smart tips, intelligent temperature control, water control, remote control APP, filter pollution index.

   Yan higher value

   To simple fashion appearance, better feel plastics technology. Although the water purifier is hidden in the cupboard below, under normal circumstances you can not see, but the color value is important, whether you decide to buy it. General water purifiers have become bloated, and some very innovative brand of industrial sense of design, such as cloud meters, some of them have done a disruptive innovation appearance, this product will finally become a fashion product, you can visit for people to enjoy, also very face. Also in line with the taste and tonal young people.

   Optional water filter, as well as to understand the authentication NSF (National SanitationFoundation).



   This organization is establishing an independent, not-for-profit non-governmental organization in 1944. Standard is committed to public health, safety, environmental protection formulation, product testing and certification services, is the field of public health and safetyAuthority.

   If the purchased ultrafiltration water purifiers, should pass NSF 42 & 53 & 401 three authentication; if you buy a reverse osmosis water purification, should pass NSF 42 & 53 & 58 all three authentication. If such a certification, you buy a water purifier basically sit back and relax.

   In addition, the production of water purifier manufacturers must obtain a health permit higher health supervision departments, and each brand and each model there is only a water purifier health permits batch. Generally referred to as a province (such as short Guangdong Guangdong) + + [in water-word (such as 2014)] + XXX, number, etc. (such as SXXXX).

   When it comes to brands, which brands of water purifiers is better

   It is recommended several cost-effective several water purification products:? Patio (TRULIVA) beluga whales S400, Vantage V18 Plus, Smith (AOSmith) R1200XD2, Philips (PHILIPS) Apollo AP400, UK Dalton (Doulton) DIS, etc., these brands are good, at least all the big brands.

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