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   Ms. Tian people spent 2,400 yuan to buy a water purifier, water purifier but found no water, long-term problems are not resolved to return Shique rejected, angrily complained, was finally successful activist .

   Ms. Tian Trade City in Yiwu, a large electronics store to buy a water purifier, worth 2400 yuan, started in mid-June. During use, Ms. Tian detection method in accordance with the instructions in water quality, water quality found abnormal, to find business requirements to solve the problem, businesses also repeatedly contact the manufacturer, but the problem has been unresolved. So, Ms. Tian demands the return, the business has refused to return. Seeing the problem difficult to solve, Ms. Tian rights to call 12315 telephone complaints. Staff Yuwangtai 12315 Branch Trade and Industry immediately contact Ms. center field to understand the situation. After verification, Ms. Tian reflect true, then the staff of the center to mediate between the parties. Under the mediation of Trade and Industry officials, businesses unconditional return of Miss Tian final purchase price 2400 yuan. (The original title of the article: water purifier water purifier does not want to return Difficult Problems)

   (transferred from Kaifeng Evening)

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