You do not want to install a water purifier final say

  Qianqian just returned home, saw it loudly complain, really surprised me one. You know years ago, she happily go back, now totally a no love expression, just like on the verge of fish die of thirst, do not see a trace of anger. 瑕佷笉瑕佸畨瑁呭噣姘村櫒 鎮ㄨ浜嗙畻

   soak a cup of tea to her, this slowly recover, then "wow" is heard, the whole mood completely broke out, only after comfort, this original back to Aunt eight aunt all in urging her second child. Fifty-six days at home, she repeated in almost all answer the same questions every day, which made her very collapse, and finally one day before the outbreak of the back, directly drove the girl fled the home.

   "womb is mine, all right? Why me Yaowuheliu, interfere with my life. I gave birth to a second child and they do not have a half dime ah!"


[123 ] 瑕佷笉瑕佸畨瑁呭噣姘村櫒 鎮ㄨ浜嗙畻

   Yes! uterus is our own, want a second child, is our own thing, outsiders do not have the right to interfere! However, in life, our families, relatives and friends seem to have in order to take care of our way to persuade our baby gave birth to a second child, the reason is nothing more than two children is better, take care of each other there; all large school, you can have another up; sons and daughters more than good, while youre young, and quickly a regeneration and so on.

   However, the womb is mine, whether large or treasure two treasure auspicious Sambo, women will is the only basis for fertility. So, please do not be concerned about our behalf to urge us to give birth two treasures.


瑕佷笉瑕佸畨瑁呭噣姘村櫒 鎮ㄨ浜嗙畻

   like a water purifiers, water purifiers always say we can purify water, a glass of clean water to his family, in order to ensure the safety of your family, it is recommended that you install a water purifier, however, how many people will adopt our views? in the eyes of many people, we are liars, lied to everyone to spend money, rather than passing health messages.


瑕佷笉瑕佸畨瑁呭噣姘村櫒 鎮ㄨ浜嗙畻

   We all know that the more the more serious water pollution, especially in drinking water around us. Urban water pollution intensified, urban water supply through the old pipeline to carry large amounts of sediment, rust and other substances, water purifier can filter according to the principle of the home tap water through the filter of ultra-clean filter can effectively remove the water acids, bases, oxidizing agents, as well as copper, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and other compounds, benzene, ethylene dichloride, ethylene glycol and other organic toxins, normal qualityThe sediment, rust, bacteria, etc. can be easily removed.


瑕佷笉瑕佸畨瑁呭噣姘村櫒 鎮ㄨ浜嗙畻

   Faced with this reality, we recommend that you have repeatedly, in order to secure his familys drinking water, install a water purifier it. I suggested that we have been given, taken not to adopt by you. Your health, you have the final say, is not it?

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