Tap water before drinking it to precipitate


   After precipitation in water to drink? Do not need to, because we usually drink tap water when the drink after boiling, so that does not require precipitation, boil again after precipitation, so that you can reduce the consumption of precipitates, following on to the specific introduction.


the improvement of living and quality of life requirements are constantly sublimation, for our drinking water requirements are also getting higher and higher, due to the social gap between rich and poor families, it has led to, for each user the difference between drinking habits, how to drink tap water it? So how drinking water was safe? Is not it better to buy a water purifier point of it? What it the role is it? Heres to specifically under water purifier.


to buy water purifier water machine mainly to see the inside of the filter material, water is not a good brand like machine, you say the water is rust minerals and trace elements constitute excess calcium and magnesium carbonate, and now China too much water pollution can not be directly consumed, boiling water can only remove bacteria, diarrhea is not just a drink, there are seven good water standard, 1, 2 clean, non-polluting, small molecules 3, PH value 4 weakly alkaline, and then the dissolved oxygen content in water is moderate 5 carbon oxides, water rich in minerals and microelements 6, 7 moderate the water hardness, strong physiological functional water. Buy a water purifier able to meet these requirements would buy water machines, water purifiers like sage Nepal to meet these requirements, it is worth a try.

   The basic concept of

Daily potable water:


1. tap water is processed through the natural water, purified by chlorination or chlorination treatment is made for the life of water drinking water. Untreated source water is not tap water undrinkable.


2. drinking water drinking water standards is consistent with water as a raw material, by electrodialysis, ion exchange, distillation or other suitable processing methods prepared, sealed in a container without any additive containing drinkable water.


3. The mineral water from deep underground natural or artificial gush disclosed, unpolluted water underground mine; containing an amount of mineral salts, trace elements or carbon dioxide gas; under normal circumstances its chemical composition, flow, temperature, etc. in the natural dynamic fluctuation range is relatively stable.


The medium is small seriesShao, a simple understanding of the effectiveness of the water purifier, we hope to help more small household drinking water knowledge, so far at this site, so stay tuned this site other sections.




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