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   the father of modern management Peter Drucker once said: competition between competition among enterprises today, not products and services, but the competitive business model. Business models related to the business of life and death, success or failure of the event, to be successful in any business should begin to develop an appropriate business model. The business model is a commercial organization to create value, deliver value, and ultimately get the value of the internal logic of systematic presentation.

   emergence of the Internet, so that "sharing economy" hot "worth sharing, profit sharing" has become the main theme of the Internet economy mode.

   In short, the economy is the use of mobile Internet share of information technology products and channels to optimize the resources to reconfigure itself does not generate any cost. Consumers use the Internet, not only can easily find the merchandise they need, you can also consider themselves a good product to share with others and earn some income, everyone involved in the formation of a development model for all. Share economy is different from traditional marketing, ecology, people began moving away from the traditional way of buying goods and services and instead to find the product sharing service on the Internet, in this more convenient, efficient, and inexpensive new ways to meet their needs.



HC purification Wuhan brand Dove theme tour Bullock share live

   May 10, exchange sponsored "China Environmental Technology electrical industry products cum brand tour "into Wuhan, Hubei, Bullock fen (Nanjing) technology development Co., Ltd. as a newly established Internet water purification company, in this technical exchange meeting brought" things smart water purifier + cash back zero shopping platform "to" consumption + Share "model, this quasi cut consumer demand, and quickly occupied the water industrys share in the economic market.




Mr. Bullock Finland Sales Manager Sun Jiafei do share

   According to statistics, in 2018 China economic market share turnover about 3.452 trillion yuan, an increase of 103% over the previous year, to participate in the economic share of the service provider is about 60 million people. The next few years, Chinas economy will maintain rapid growth in share of about 40% annually, by 2020, China share economic size to GDP ratio will exceed 10%.

   Chinese economy is currently in thirdConsumer consumption age to the fourth stage of the transition era, the fourth era of consumption is a "consensus economic times." Brand marketing more and more out of the boundaries of product categories, more consensus positioned on lifestyle and attitude of life. After a long interaction on social platforms more easily to a certain lifestyle, attitudes reached a consensus to form a "clustering groups" community ecology.


   Bullock Dove launched the countrys water industry is now back to zero purchase smart community platform - "Fern enjoy Rabbit", using the Internet to water purifiers, platform, users , and other services, and mobile terminals linked together by a new way, information, intelligence, remote management cloud. The use of appropriate information security mechanisms, real-time online monitoring, remote control, users secretary, online communities, music and other powder mall management and service functions.

   while Bullock Dove launched the "zero-purchase cash back" policy is "sharing economy" a marketing way, change the user for businesses to launch more users associated with the user, the smart thing to enjoy networking in net At the same time water machines and you can get more returns.

   "zero cash back shopping," sharing policies without time and space constraints, resource sharing platform for the Internet, 24 hours sellers, so that all customers associated with the line to the Internet cloud to enjoy the Internet has brought dividends to share resources completely subvert "traditional distribution level, customers benefit from a single" model, to stick together more effectively to the product with the user. Of course, "Fern enjoy Rabbit" is just a marketing tool Bullock Finland, implementation of marketing must be based on a reliable product. Bullock Finlands core product is the smart P8 straight drinking water machine.




Bullock Finland P8 smart drink straight

   selling point of this product is: Things smart, 500 no large flow-gallon bucket design, energy-efficient water-saving, filter life up to 36 months, intelligent leader, on-screen data, water-saving more peace of mind; ergonomic button operation LED display, stylish appearance, simple but not simple, also APP remote control.



Bullock Finland Products


to Bullock fun, "Fen enjoy rabbit - zero cash back shopping" platform sharing as the representative of the economic model, direct allow consumers to help manufacturers make sales, emphasizing consumer useThe depth of integration and marketing services to achieve zero cost involved, the value of sharing, profit sharing. This sharing economy mode will get more users, and penetrated into all aspects of life, the Internet has become the main theme of economic model.

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