Resolve some of thmain problems of city tap water

  Currently resolve some of the major problems of urban tap water: Tim net water purification Views: 600 Published: 2018-10-19 15:20:27 increasingly serious water pollution, declining water quality makes. According to the World Health Organization reported that tap water contains organic matter reached 756 kinds, of which 20 kinds of carcinogenic confirmed, 24 kinds of suspected carcinogen, 18 kinds of cancer-promoting aid, 47 kinds of mutagens, and, using these organisms and the process of water purification equipment It is not effectively removed. chloride as the main tap in the conventional process as a new fungicide source of water pollution, there are hazards from: chloro strong cultivation, it destroys the nutrients in the water, and prevents the body balance. Organic chlorine reaction with water generates chloroform and other carcinogens, these substances belong oncogenic mutations, teratogenic "three letter" material. After a long tap pipelines to users, especially roof water tanks, there is a serious "secondary pollution", which is well known, our research scientists have found. High-rise residential water tank 97 kinds of algae growth and reproduction, resulting in the pollution of drinking water to be named, of which there are six species might produce toxins. According to the Beijing epidemic prevention station detection, since the secondary water pollution, 15% more than the national drinking water standards. "Qualified" standard number can safely drink tap water No Notes Chinas "drinking water standards" is to discuss the development of the early eighties, only 35 indicators, the current foreign standards for drinking water, WHO (World Health Organization) 133 (of which 89 kinds of organic matter), United States 88 (of which there are 57 kinds), and two, every other year to review changes, add new test items and indicators. As we all know, abnormal rapid technological development in this century, eighty, ninety emergence of a large number of new synthetic organic compounds, also wears a new mechanism of various toxic organic compounds (known in the past, including many organic compounds), and these can not set ten years ago into the water quality standards. Therefore, the development of new national drinking water standards is imperative. Water issues appear to make people turn their attention to water purifiers, water purifiers can solve water problems from the terminal, to prevent pollution at the door.

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