The development trend of household water purifiers, intellig

   2016, total sales of China water purifier market was 20.3 billion, the average domestic water purification equipment market will maintain strong growth momentum of 45% per year, is expected to domestic water purifier market is expected to exceed 100 billion within five years. One side is the huge market demand, while the game between brand manufacturers, no features, no competitive products and manufacturers will eventually be out of the market, in order to survive in the water purification industry it is necessary to identify trends, grasp the net future water market benchmark.


   First, the intelligent

   With the popularity of smart home and mobile Internet, water purification products with intelligent property by the high-end consumers, from a water purifier throughout its history after entering the Chinese market, more and more intelligent elements, from simple filter combinations to start LCD human-computer interaction, intelligent alerts, automatic washing, APP remote control, water quality monitoring, Internet connection, a key fool-operation, sharing automatic deductions and so on, more and more high degree of intelligence, intelligent home water purifier products more in line with modern health, relaxed philosophy of life.


   Second, the integration

   the consumer to upgrade technology has become more sophisticated water purifier home water purifier market and promote the integration trend of water purifiers, first in terms of technology, components can be made more sophisticated, many of the components can be integrated into a machine above, we can achieve more, separation of water and make the machine safer, reducing the failure rate, easier to maintain; from the consumer point of view, are hoping to water purification equipment has a fully functional, but also easy to install, easy maintenance, small size, can set water purifiers, water boiler, water dispenser all in one, the internal needs of consumers often determines the upgrading of products and industries change.


   Third, systematic

   the rapid development of urbanization in China is now more than 80 percent of urban residents living unit building, every house had running water pipes, but now the water and the vast majority of water supply pipeline is not compliance, residual chlorine in tap water, rust, excessive organic matter, water pipelines secondary pollution is widespread. To a family unit, the familys water needs alone a water purifier is far from meeting the demand (currently mainly divided into domestic water needs: drinking water at room temperature, ice hot drinking water, water for cooking and kitchen vegetables, Laundry soft water for bathing, household cleaning water, etc.).Germany half a century ago Luoen Si water purifier on the concept of "whole house water purification system", this is a groundbreaking revolution in water purification, whole house water purification system to today, from the pre-filter ( also known as water protection), central water treatment systems, whole house water purifiers, water softeners, kitchen water purifier, water machine end, the end of ultrafiltration, cold pipeline machine, net drink machine product lines more complete .


   Fourth, the younger

   axis is slowly approaching 2020, which means that 80, 90 have entered middle age, and this is the Internet, smart phones grow up together two generations of online games, and most know how to enjoy life, pay attention to taste two generations, they are the main groups in the future consumption of water purifier, the positioning of the product to meet their life, light and practical enough, but also good-looking, in style (B cells).


   trend for the future of anticipation, we not only look at from afar, it also depends on the moment, domestic water purifier industry development time is not long, is still in the growth stage and norming, nor blind pursuit of multi-function, high intelligence, because the main role of water purifiers or water purification, and the current product is not welcomed by consumers low-priced products on the market, but the most cost-effective high-end products, most consumers care more about is the product quality, purify water quality is not good, how about the water, the operation is convenient, waste water were many, and maintenance and service life.

   water purifier intelligent step in now is only a small step, the future is still a long way to go, of course, if the fish and bears paw can have both, no one will refuse to give us high-tech development benefits.

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