Three regions in the first half 2018 domestic water purifier

   water purifier from the beginning to enter the Chinese market, after a lengthy period of popularity since the 2013 water pollution problems concentrated outbreak, causing water purifier market growth into the fast lane, after five years of development, water purifier market is still maintained a growth rate of more than 20% of the market, but influenced by factors of economic development, water quality conditions, the development of regional water purifier market is relatively uneven. One of East China, North China water purifier market penetration quickly, is now gradually entering the stage of the Red Sea, South, Northwest and other regions to enter the market penetration stage, while the northeast and southwest areas relatively difficult development. Specifically, the distribution market.


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   1, East China, North China and other regions accounted for the proportion of market, market and promote the difficulty increases

   water purifier in the east, north and other regions of relatively high market penetration, market sales accounted for more than half from 2018 point of view, two large districts of the city accounted for more than 45%, but by the real estate regulatory factors affecting our country, the new first-line market reduced, while the accompanying policy impact of population reflux, introduction of talent, market expansion to twenty-three and rural markets. Performance in the market data north, east and other cities water purification slowdown or even negative growth, most enterprises through the adjustment of product structure, improve the product mix to maintain the high-end market size line, but due to geographical factors in 34 markets, net water acceptance, distribution costs and other factors problems, difficult market development relative increase in negative factors of course, in these two new retail layout region relatively quickly, the same as the water purification provides a wide range of popular channels, so the market there are differences in the development of the traditional dealer system lies in a strategic point multi-channel cooperation.

   2, South, Northwest rapid spread of the market, the future potential area

   With the deflection of national development strategies, South, Northwest rapid development, rapid release of the spending power, along with water purifier market penetration fast forward, fast-growing scale water purification and South Africa and other regions, the product structure, in the end practical products more popular.

   3, slowly southwest, northeast regional growth market and there is a bottleneck

   relatively low economic vitality of the Northeast, and the exodus is serious, there is a certain market and other capital cities in the Northeast to remove a large area outside limited growth potential in other areas. Also there is this question in the SouthwestTitle, except for some major cities, water purifier popularity is relatively low, the development extremely difficult. Therefore, in these enterprises to promote regional trade-off grasping points caving face.

   These are the current regional distribution of the water purifier market for business is concerned, a clear overview of the development of water purifier in each region to develop different strategies product, promotion, channel partners, so that clean water is popular to go faster and more stable, I wish you a water purification employees to achieve better market performance in the second half of this year,

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