Protect your family safe drinking water safety net bucks fou


and development, it is inevitable that there is pollution, water pollution accidents increased year by year, indeed daunting. In order to meet the drinking water needs of the family, the familys drinking water health security, buy a first-class water purification capability of water purification products is particularly important.


As a leader in the life of the appliance, the US net long-term painstaking research bucket of drinking water health problems, to ensure that our customers with the most intimate, the most trusted drinking water. It is understood that the United States net buckets follow a set of "Math" principle in the design. This "Math" method, the net buckets unique beauty, glamor from the inside out.


United States net buckets addition principle: one plus one to simplify - so-called "one plus one" refers to the United States net buckets to water purification and storage of practical set of functions in one, to solve the shortcomings of a single water appliances. Only need a United States net buckets, water can be achieved while multiple purification, filtration, so you can easily, quickly and cost-effectively achieve true health drink.


United States net buckets subtraction principles: subtraction life more convenient - net buckets innovatively United States will be drinking clean water together, so that consumers only a product to meet the drinking water needs of one-stop in addition, it also implements filtering at any time, to meet the "fast-paced" multiple consumer demand for household drinking water, convenient and saves time.


United States net buckets multiplication principle: high quality brands - Sheung Shui appliances currently on the market many brands, consumers can not help but feel that the purchase of a dilemma. The United States is one of the largest white goods scale, the most powerful of the major industry groups, perennial committed to the development of new technologies new class, and the United States that is the main direction of water appliances water appliances projects on water purification function, introduced its industry leading, net buckets with a number of national patents. United States net buckets consumer choice, both have easy access to healthy drinking water, but can also enjoy the big brands to bring reliable high quality.


United States net buckets division principles: The multilayer filter sterilized - Multilevel Optimization tub US water purification filter technology covering a total of four levels: 1, coarse filtration impurity layer, a ceramic mainly made of quartz sand sheet, for removing impurities, suspended solids, large particles of dust and rust and other objects, in order to protect the life of the cartridge behind the processing stage; 2, the hardness of the softened layer is mainly made of a cation exchange resin, mainly used to remove excess water and calcium magnesium ions, reduce water hardness to facilitate more peopleBody health; 3, to improve the taste layer mainly made of coconut shell activated carbon, such that the treated water color, odor, chlorine in organic matter, a significant reduction in oxygen consumption and other indicators, the water taste better, safer and ; 4, Toru bacterial filter layers, mainly made of a ceramic hollow fiber or a gradient, can effectively remove bacteria and viruses in water, pure water quality after the filtration, to ensure direct drinking standard.


United States net buckets, drinking like a family "security guards" the same time guarding the drinking water safety of his family, build the last line of defense for the drinking water health of their families.

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