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  Water purifier is a new type of home appliances in Chinas market, whether technical or functional design research and development of products are constantly surprise to consumers. Then, water purifier sales in Hainan how about the case? High customer acceptance of it? Recently, the reporter visited the city several appliance sales center Haikou found water purifier brand dazzling, imports accounted for more than half of the market share, prices ranging from 3,000 yuan first million, and the purchase of water purifiers come to consult users are mostly "70" "80." 鍑€姘村櫒鏃朵唬鎮勭劧鏉ヤ复 鍑€姘磋涓氬墠鏅彲瑙? width=

   use water purifier market prospects next year or the proportion of households to 32%

   water purifier, also known as water purifier, water filter, is based on the use of water requirements for water quality depth filtration, water purification treatment equipment. Usually said water purifier, generally refers to small filters as home use, the core technology of the filter membrane filtration apparatus, the main and the RO membrane technology from two kinds of reverse osmosis membranes.

   At present, the water purifier market penetration is low, but the "three engines" urban markets and rural markets as well as in the engineering market started simultaneously formed, so the industry that the water purifier market will maintain rapid growth pace market share in the next couple of years will be leap years showed growth compared to the previous. But different types of enterprises whose growth rate is different, mature companies will have a faster growth, new entrants into the high-profile brands will maintain good growth in the early to enter, while medium-sized and small enterprises will be divisive, weak business They will risk being left behind.

   Reporter survey found that ultrafiltration, ceramic water purifier development in the field of net purchase quickly, RO reverse osmosis water purifier change "selling products" to "selling services." In order to meet user needs, water purifier intelligent, modular, integrated direction of development. Cloth countrys terminal store experience, more direct contact with consumers to provide high-quality products and quality customer service.

   data show that the use of household water purifiers percentage rose from 4.7% in 2008 to 2012 of 12.2%, and is expected to rise further in 2017 to 32%. Experts said that from the point of view of our times, water purifier is a vast market prospects emerging industry, because people demand higher and higher standards of living, household water security and sanitation need to maintain water purification, therefore, water purification is spread to every home only a matter of time. The industry predicts that within the next five years, Water purifiers will go beyond some of the traditional home appliances become one of the hottest new appliance industry.


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   option to choose more brand aftermarket replacement cartridge for long periods will become "water filter"

   In Suning Tesco sales counter Haikou store water purifier before, a few customers come to the consultation, as is the new home appliances, home appliances than traditional customer awareness is low, so the needs of customers while listening to the sales staff to explain, while reading each brand water purifier product introduction book, raise awareness degrees.

   "PC + product having a double pulse saving patented technology, pure waste ratio of 2: 1, 6 times the normal rate saving of the water purifier" channel store sales personnel. During the consultation, customers heard the specialized terms abound, compared to some "foggy" in technical terms, the customer, Mr. Zhang said that he would refer to the installation examples of this brand and the brand influence and after-sales service, select the high cost of a water purifier.

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