Star safety and healthy development of good water purifiebra


瀹変箣鏄熷噣姘村櫒鍋ュ悍鍙戝睍濂藉搧鐗? /></p><p>   development of the mainland Chinese water purification line pages, this process has been more than two decades of development. China has emerged Ann Star, liters, Patio, and a number of springs to water purification industry leading brand. Ann Star water purifier manufacturers to Liu Pingan awe guide the healthy development. </p><p>  <p style=

   An Star is China the only one of nine well-known brands to create a joint enterprise, state-owned enterprises out loud military standard water purifier manufacturers, the company set up 96 years, is a company engaged in sixteen years water treatment equipment company. In 1996, Lai Enda Group (SOEs) subsidiary companies - Shenzhen Angel Industrial Co., Ltd., mainly large institutional research and development of water treatment equipment and household water treatment equipment.

   At this moment, Anzhi star has been implemented in a perfect idea terminal control, in 2011, national leaders to this industrial park - the days of digital city guide work, security is the health of star quality extends to the world every corner.

   us early in the development process, but also tasted the hardships, and the entire staff team also paid a lot. Even so, the security of the stars in the establishment of the day, we must set a career achievement in Chinese terminal water purification industry, to make a water purifier-known brand, so that more people enjoy a safe and healthy as soon as possible drinking water, because we are convinced that this industry can become bigger, this is a strong public interest benefit the livelihood of the cause of health, a sunrise industry, for the development of safe Star, was a landmark event, it will be we Ann Star brand tour departure a witness. "

   Shenzhen Angel Industrial Co., Ltd. not only launched a simple style, fine workmanship, materials used sophisticated, stylish color nearly twenty-new water purifier, water machine, soft water machine, pipe and other products, and through ten years of development, we trained a crack marketing team and marketing support team, these are brand development company strong support

   an Star water purifier always insisted: innovation, a positive response, professional trustworthy enterprise core management principles. fierce competition in the water purifier market, would not let me and my team back, we will only arouse more passion for the water industry. Ann Star water purifier to healthy development as the concept of good water purifier market.

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