Stig water purification projects th benefit the booster Shan

   just crossed the tail of 2017, 2018 into the door, Stig water purification projects that benefit started a new journey. January 4, 2018, Stig water purifier Waste Management activities came to Dezhou. In charitable giving ceremony, Stig water purifiers to help Dezhou charity, donated a thousand water purification products for the 2018 Texas disadvantaged masses of water for the health and safety of water into a warm surge of power!


   scene, Dezhou Charity Leader awarded honorary certificates to Stig water purifier, and said: "Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Stig this Dezhou donation to a thousand water purifiers, domestic water purification, to help vulnerable groups. we express our heartfelt thanks for such generosity. here, we said that it would be these water purifiers to the poor people at home as soon as possible, let them before the Lunar New Year can be a good use of water, and use clean water! "


   in the ceremony, Stig water purifier charitable donations Yan, head manager Stig water purifier thanks on behalf of Dezhou City charity Federation to help this charitable contributions. "The Stig has been so that more people spend a good healthy water as its corporate mission, the water problem is even more poor people have been plaguing us can make a modest contribution to the people in the water, we feel I am honored and very proud. in the future, we will always insist on clean water Waste Management activities for the benefit of Texas more people! "


   after the donation ceremony, Sri Lanka Teague water purifiers team also attended the ceremony organized to learn the knowledge of water purification products, including the installation and use of water purifiers, filter replacement, winter maintenance and so on. On-site staff have said: "learned a lot of practical knowledge of water purification, will convey that knowledge to more people." And Joseph said staff will work together with the relevant staff Dezhou Charity as soon as the installation of these water purification products to peoples homes.


   good pairs, after the successful charitable donation ceremony was held in Dezhou City, curated by Stig water purifiers, Wu County Bureau of Wei and Wu County Red Cross will assist at the "healthy drinking water wucheng big love" Stig projects that benefit the water purifier is also launching ceremony was successfully held.



   New Year weather, the smooth development of Dezhou two charity donations for Stig water purifier water purifier 2018 Waste Management activities off to a good start. The new year, Stig water purifiers will maintain this momentum, constantly caring, clean water more than! At the same time, Stig also declared to the world: We have been concerned about the health of water! Whether coastal or inland, as long as no access to clean water, clean water projects that benefit the footsteps of Joseph will certainly go past!

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