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  We summarize some experience water purifier franchisees, here to teach you Author: Tim net water purifier Views: 433 Published: 2017-10-19 10:10:08 Tim net water purifier water purifier to join some business to business done fast, it is worth learning. First, a correct attitude toward water purification store and showroom qualified to do a wall of the exhibition hall, nice, and stimulate the curiosity of consumers shopping desires, no conditions, just icing on the cake on their main business, as a water purifier sideline, clean water can open up a corner, put a few simple water purifier, so that the needs of customers to see. Introducing their own products, do not forget to guide consumers to look at water purification. Second, the various means of propaganda today for many consumers, a water purifier or a new thing, especially in some rural areas. Guidance and do not do publicity, it is difficult to obtain the trust of consumers. Moreover, wine is also deeply afraid of the alley, no matter how good your water purifier, rural neighborhood do not know how to sell? So sellers need to do first publicity, so that consumers have to first experience. A propaganda vehicle, a mobile tent, field experience to do, also in field sales. Selling water purifier is a happy ground, township wheeled doing activities do experience, free to do water quality testing, to two to one, with people who know you know more, trust it again. To promote themselves out, the product will sell more. Water purifier franchisee sales areas are regional restrictions, but also can do online promotion, this is called O2O. Not only to sell at online, but also online propaganda, and actively guide customers to the online museum experience to be your experience. In addition, the HC, paste it, and so the network platform to promote the 360 鈥嬧€媋lso has publicity and promotion, sales and dissemination under the brand line has benefits. Third, the combination will either engage in their own marketing to sell water purifiers, or participate in other peoples will sell, own water purifier can be used as gifts to others full of gifts, later earning filter replacement costs and services. Fourth, the development of distribution so that other people helped you sell, pay would point profit to someone else, someone willing to help you sell, they would make money. Far better than retail distribution, although the lower profit margins, but the number sold, improved market share. Not to mention a good product but also to win the reputation. Therefore, the development of more than two distributors, let them help you work together sellers, than you could sell a single one come faster.

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