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   Water is the source of life, but also the material basis for social and economic development and social progress. However, scarcity of water resources is one of the worlds most water Thirteen countries, the following Xiaobian a look at what is purified water, right?




is one of the main causes of serious pollution of scarce water resources. Among them, industrial waste, urban sewage, agricultural pollution, sudden water pollution (municipal wastes is the main cause of water pollution in China. Therefore, the development of effective treatment of sewage of new methods or new materials will solve our water resources issues of great significance, following up specific look at what is purified water, right?


in short purified water is purified water. water purification, through the appropriate filter material, depending on the final water needs to physically or chemically, rust removal process, sediment, chlorine, organic matter, harmful heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses and the like in water. Obviously, if the full use of the water purification filter is a physical embodiment, is not in water to produce or add any new material, but will not change the character of water, which is the safest way, now widely used in Western countries. purify water, removes substances harmful to human health, which we call "net water. "


the product from the water purification filter function is divided into softened, purified three categories.


using a sand filter, activated carbon, water purification ultrafiltration techniques, to some water purification degree. to remove sediment, rust, but can not completely remove the scale and bacteria, virus belonging to the primary filter. KDF filter using the water purifier, bacteria and viruses can be partially removed heavy metals, is partially removed, but can not remove the scale . water softeners using ion exchange resin are basic technology, replaced with calcium and magnesium ions (water base) in water with sodium cation, completely remove the scale. pure water using reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology, the core is microfiltration, only water molecules and smaller molecules than water minerals, trace elements and retained by the membrane for drinking; bacteria, viruses, scale, contaminants can not pass through the membrane, become concentrated water discharge; standards so as to achieve high-quality drinking water

   [. 123] by the introduction of small series, clean water is what we all know, if you want to know more about the family drinking water, then continue to browse the contents of this site home security, so that the family can drink safe water .




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