Water purification agents how to join the election-

  Recently, Xiao Bian see friends in Ann STAR platforms official website message said:. "By 2015, I want to be the most promising industries in recent years, the development of hot water purification industry, many people are here to develop like derivative, is the most common entrepreneurial way. so, I want to choose a brand proxy. home, start a business do its own boss. but now faced with a problem, the market brand so much, how can we not encountered unscrupulous businessmen? selected by spectrum, the strength of the professional water purifier manufacturer is my hope, and how to succeed. Ann Star can you give me a future? "can give their brand strength. Xiao Bian for your guidance! 瀹変箣鏄? src=

understand the strength and the development trend of water purifier manufacturers (priority)

   What is strength? 宸ユ鍠勫叾浜嬪繀鍏堝埄鍏跺櫒, 鈶?manufacturers whether they have production capacity, currently the water purification industry currently has a production capacity of enterprises really are not many, most of the OEM or trade enterprises, although similar to this kind of enterprise can produce their own water purifiers, but can not guarantee the quality of the product fundamentally . 鈶?whether they have the ability to sell online and offline, the saying goes, the companys sales forces to determine the survival rate of agents. Brand building is a long-term need of the spirit of enterprise, as long as it is a good brand positioning must strive to build good business is the key to everything. Star water purifier brand safety net sales in the first full-line brand. Able to meet the needs of many consumers. And the line has sponsored numerous companies and health activities. Such as large advertising led screen, high-grade office buildings laying brand building.

   point to consider whether the manufacturers marketing policy in the region

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