The future of hombuilding materials stores in thway busesseh

   citing data from the China Building Materials Circulation Association, in September, the national scale home building materials stores in September sales of 98.14 billion yuan, up 21.57 percent, rose 7.08 percent. January-September cumulative sales of 725.15 billion yuan, up 4.65 percent.

   But the problem is, after deducting the water, how much growth in it the real deal?

   Even if the business is very good stores, eight law still exists, 20% of big business earned most of the money, about 30% in the tail of the loss of the small chamber of commerce, which is being eliminated each year these .

   does not stand proud of the community point of view, to do business in the store where the outlook is not bright, even very cruel.


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   We could hear some sounds that rent the store is the captain, and received a lot of money, profit is very high, but no matter what, not lead to any traffic. But in fact the head of the business is still very earned, visited many chains, cost-effective route to go find the brand business, traffic is still very good.

   For example, Fuson US 2018 revenues of 1.421 billion yuan, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit up 735 million yuan; first half of 2019, revenue of 782 million yuan, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 405 million yuan, however impressive, there is little or distributor of home building materials manufacturers can do this profit level.

   a number of other major home stores, the situation is almost like Meikailong the first half of this year revenues 7.757 billion yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 2.706 billion yuan. 2018 revenues of 14.24 billion yuan, while net profit 44.8 billion.

   In fact, now home shopping is also working to change, to do traffic center, do Captain Marvel, think of ways to diversion, not only do the retail side, led into the cell and initiate affiliate marketing, but also with real estate hardcover project cooperation, the lead organization of business-related categories do bag check program.

   It is no exaggeration to say that, simply go to the store to get inside the store, to seek supermarkets put the business done, this possibility is relatively small, at least not as big as we thought.

   when their lack of adequate agent of the brand appeal, everything depends on your own to open source, then II suggest you first solve the problem of tourists, go to the store to rent it.

   bluntly speaking, compared to the past, most of the home store traffic was reduced, on the one hand from the impact of independent shops, on the other hand there are online electricity supplier diversion.

   In this environment, the store is still in the shop business, make money logic must be changed. You face in reducing traffic, and rising costs, the business can not feel good to do.

   to crack the core issues, or on traffic issues, whether new traffic acquisition, or existing customers traffic operations, traffic still comes down to the issue.

   If you do not obtain superb pulling power, can not take the initiative to introduce the customer to the store outside, the initiative could not pass this off drainage, and you can not get a good position in the store, then your business is estimated that there are a lot of risk, and may not in the future. Peers are crowded together, you do not outstanding, how to win.

   Of course, almost all stores are divided into categories according to the region, some areas are less drawn in the category of interest, the traffic will be less, the situation we face are similar, this time, you want to there are more than peers customer reception capacity for the job.

   If this category faced overall passenger traffic has been very little, it would have to weigh whether the rent is a bargain, there is no need for the local shop.

   some home category, is not suitable to open in the home store, customers rarely take the initiative to come, which was to test outside your store marketing capabilities.

   If you take the initiative to obtain a strong pulling power, but also be able to do word of mouth, then do not cost a lot to get together in the store, can find cheaper rents cell or ordinary office building.

   The idea that now, in the future there is a possibility that the professional home building shopping malls do not need so much, replaced by a complex and shopping center, both to buy home building materials, but also to eat, buy clothes , with children playing.

   Like the early years of the time, there are a lot of shopping malls specializing in selling clothing, then off more and more, most of the shopping center have been integrated.

   Currently there is a separate integrated home shop, also called home collection of shops, independent or open in some communities in the district, no longer get together with home stores, an area of 鈥嬧€媠everal thousand square meters may not only sell furniture, but also sellers ornaments, household items, home appliances, more integrated.

   a store is a small store, but it has its own theme and character, will be according to the living room, dining room, bedroom, study space scene with, you can buy some of the products which can be bought all sets.

   such as Sanlitun Cabana, the main foreign designers of furniture, and also selling lamps, furniture, etc., according to the division of space modules living room, dining room, study, childrens room, terrace, bathroom display, etc., the sales of more than 40 brands are agents; usually also hold exhibitions and forums.

   stores like this model, since last year began to rise, and most pay more attention to a comment line, beginning to show a new economic characteristics of the brand.

   as well as IKEA, is preparing to open a small store in China, about 8,500 square meters, two floors, a radiation district, focused on the young consumer groups after 95, providing intelligent devices, such as digital video solutions still is the use of immersive scenario shows household products. The store without a shopping cart, shopping can scan the code, and then select a site or delivery and other cargo door, but also online payment.

   This leads to the next question, home building materials business from home stores, such how likely? There is a possibility, as mentioned above, no matter where you shop, the key issues are traffic, they have to make other preparations acquisition (CPA), drainage and transactions, no matter where you shop may succeed. But the home store will still play one of the mainstream channels, at least in the predictable period of years, will remain so.

   For example, to the mall to shop, at least in Wanda, and many Intime City shopping mall, home shop can see, most of the low-frequency and high-frequency products sold with the product, with the high-band frequencies.

   a bit more, if you store something we always need, it is possible to buy your store mall traffic, such as furniture, household items and so on. After the guests attracted to the store, and then consider other sales opportunities for low-frequency products.

   There is the office building, there are shop, has opened several thousand square meters. There is only a kind of office, about one hundred square meters, simply can not install the showroom, can not put a few products, mainly rely on support tools, presentation software to beautiful effect.

   If the customer to see the real thing, you can pull the nearest factory to go to visit, orHall shared with other businesses. This out of the store.

   There is specialized to do business online, this well, traffic is not small, such as the number of sellers with the public, with the vibrato deft sellers, Lynx Jingdong, etc., however, the promotion of the ability to require a very high degree of difficulty bigger than open the store, the older generation of dealers do not have this ability, probably after 90, after 95 there will be a new performance.

   predict the future there will be a large dial new dealer, do not open the store, they have their own number from the media, ring a certain amount of fans, there are thousands or tens of thousands of hands community, then we can sellers, and manufacturers should pay attention to this stock channel power.

   (Source: China Building Decoration networks official website, invasion deleted)

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