Qingdao in September the new regulations implemented drkg wa

   China Building Materials News: Recently, Qingdao held a news conference and issued interpretation from September 1 implementation of the "Qingdao drinking water health supervision and management measures", the new regulations will be the current system for drinking water to be regulated, clearly called for the strengthening of water supply units hygiene supervision and management.




Qingdao September implementation of new regulations drinking water vending machine quickly seized a week (Photo from Internet)


   New Castle drinking water regulations month implementation

   June 15 this year, 110 municipal government executive meeting examined and adopted the "Qingdao drinking Water Regulatory Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules"), and on July 19 to Qingdao Municipal peoples government in the form of the issuance of Decree 246, will be held from September 1 implementation.

   The total of 30 measures, the legislative purpose, scope, responsibilities of the regulatory authorities, water supply units hygiene requirements management, water quality standards, water quality testing requirements, legal responsibilities have been defined, the various types of drinking water supply format specification range of fully integrated into the law, to avoid regulatory gaps exist.

   "rural drinking water safety needs to be strengthened, especially in small water stations, water supply in the form of a single village above normal, water purification, disinfection facilities and equipment with failure, obsolescence issues stood out." Relevant person in charge said, in addition, aspects of the implementation in 1996 of the Ministry of construction, the Ministry of health "drinking water health supervision and management measures," the health management requirements for drinking water supply units, regulatory responsibilities of health regulatory authorities, violations of legal liability set and so on not specific enough, or operability is not strong, can not meet the actual needs. Therefore, it is necessary to develop "Qingdao drinking water health supervision and management measures."

   the current system for drinking water to be regulated

   With the economic and social development, in order to credit card, coin and other ways of water vending machines selling water gradually rises in the city, a huge number of devices installed At the same time, this site produced by water treatment units and direct supply of bulk potable water supply system is now brought to life convenient, but also accompanied by health and safety risks.

   "health administrative departments discover some new situations in the drinking water health supervision and management, the current laws and regulations in force in the current system is not yet clear for drinking water into the drinking water health supervision and management system, result in regulatory work appeared blind. "Responsible person said, in addition, in the process of speeding up the process of urbanization in rural areas of large-scale water supply projects increasing need to advance with the times, the original specification to improve the management basis, to enhance the quality of rural water supply, protect drinking water security. in order to fully protect the lives of urban and rural drinking water safety "measures" defined the scope of the second, the urban and rural centralized water supply, secondary water supply, the current system for drinking water of various formats of drinking water are included in the health Regulatory scope.

   automatic water quickly seized a week

   "the current system for drinking water refers to water produced by the processor to the scene and direct bulk supply of drinking water," measures " combined with common rules of safe drinking water, and a reference for other provincial and local content legislation, its equipment installation, equipment inspections, the specific water quality testing and other health management made it clear that the supervision and management in order to apply to it. "

  " Rules ", the current system for drinking water installation location should comply with the relevant requirements of health protection, to prevent water pollution. For the current system should be placed within a month since the installation of drinking water business units , to install the device using the device information submitted to the local district (city) administrative department of health.

   the current system of raw water is now available for drinking water shall meet drinking water health standards. business units should strengthen equipment daily inspections to ensure health and safety, and in accordance with the rated parameters or water quality timely replacement of water treatment equipment should be equipped with the appropriate water quality testing instruments, equipment or entrust a qualified inspection agency, its current system of drinking water supply is now available for color degree, turbidity, smell and taste, visible matter, PH value and other projects, weekly on-site rapid detection; to total bacterial count, total coliforms, nitrates and other key indicators, once every six months to detect the specified detection. record archive for future reference, and save more than one year.

   WSO is the first line of defense

   "measures" to define the urban and rural centralized water supply units, secondary water supply facilities management unit, the current system is drinking water supply business unit is primarily responsible for the safety of the water supply and sanitation, should ensure that the drinking water quality standards for water supply units shall establish and improve the health management system, with full-time or part-time health management, establish and improve the management of health records staffing employees health management knowledge training situation, water quality testing, the facilities and equipment maintenanceCleaning and disinfection, the health emergency plans and other content management file.

   "WSO is the responsibility of the main drinking water hygiene and safety, but also protect the safety of the first line of defense." "Approach" to health management requirements of water supply units made specific provisions, including the WSO Health Management basic requirements, the contents of personnel health checks, health training, wading products and disinfection products, such as purchase and use.

   relevant staff need certificates

   directly engaged in the drinking water, sampling, laboratory personnel and management of water supply and sanitation facilities and equipment cleaning, disinfection work should obtain a valid qualified health after proof before induction, and conduct a health check every year. Suffering from dysentery, typhoid, viral hepatitis or other infectious diseases, active tuberculosis, suppurative or exudative skin and other personnel carriers and pathogenic diseases affect the health and safety of drinking water, not before cure directly engaged in the preceding paragraph of drinking water supply and pipe work.

   These problems of water supply units will be punished

   1, the WSO personnel arrangements without obtaining valid health certificates or with personnel affect drinking water safety diseases, pathogen carriers directly engaged in drinking water supply, pipe work, ordered by the health administrative departments to make corrections and a fine of 500 yuan per person, but the total maximum fine of not more than 20,000 yuan.

   2, the water supply unit to buy wading products, disinfection products, not to obtain relevant material in accordance with the provisions of the relevant information or failing to register for future reference in accordance with the provisions, ordered to make corrections by the administrative department of health at more than 500 yuan 5000 yuan fine; the circumstances are serious, a fine of 20,000 yuan more than 5,000 yuan.

   3, in violation of the "Rules", any of the following acts, ordered to make corrections by the administrative department of health, from 1,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan fine; the circumstances are serious, more than 5000 yuan at 30,000 yuan fine:

   (1) WSO does not meet health and safety requirements of wading products, disinfection products; drinking water quality

   (2) water supply unit does not meet drinking water health standards;

   (3) new construction, renovation, expansion of centralized water supply project without the health administrative department of preventive health supervision;

   (4) centralized water supply units, secondary water supply facilities management unit without obtaining a hygiene license without water supply in accordance with the relevant provisions;

   (5) centralized water supply unit is not equipped with disinfection facilities and equipment supply disinfection of drinking water.

   water dispenser settled in the popular district cost-saving measure

   In recent years, the island city streets everywhere an automatic water dispenser, due to low prices, convenience and thus subject to a number of fetching water people of all ages, but there are health and safety risks are also a lot of people at heart, "drums."

   reporters in Shinan, Shibei visited a number of residential areas, found that the majority of the district which are installed with the current system for drinking water vending machine, or even slightly larger district will have several different brands of water dispenser settled. This dense water dispenser distribution but also to the public and really feel convenient. "Before we buy a major vat of water to drink, but sometimes big bucket of water and bottled water manufacturers are less timely, but now, the district where the water vending machine installation, 24-hour sale of water, need water when holding a bucket down the stairs it, how much how much to play, very convenient. "Mr. Liu said.

   In addition to convenience, automatic water dispenser water is cheaper to sell is another popular. "Vat prices now risen to more than 10 dollars a barrel, and this requires only 0.2 yuan per liter of water, much cheaper than the big bucket of water." Ms. Yu said.

   people are worrying about whether the sale of water quality of health

   Although drinking water vending machine system compares welcomed by the public, but now because of a lot of old fuselage water dispenser, cleaning maintenance is not timely and other conditions, which has made many people worry about these health unsanitary drinking water in the end, it safe.

   "The public concern is not without reason, and now the current system for drinking water market was mixed, some personal agent dispenser or a small brand in order to save costs, time does not change the filter, and some water vending machine just installed a month, it was detected in water quality failure. "a Qingdao water purifier service provider official said.

   "We do this line, the water quality is the most critical, and we hope the government can introduce relevant laws and regulations, strict compliance with company, jointly safeguard the current system for the drinking water market, companies have a responsibility to let people drink at ease . "the official said he would organize the entire staffLearn next month implementation of the "Qingdao drinking water health supervision and management measures" to ensure drinking water safety.

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