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   The rapid development of water purification industry, attracting more and more investors have joined. However, the water purification industry has gradually revealed the shortcomings, the market growth rate is much lower than expected, why is this so?

   First, the water purifier water purification technology

   of the net water is development after nearly twenty years, experienced a period introduced from abroad to imitate and then to the three major stages of development of its own brand, but the field of technical innovation there are few results, according to statistics, an independent research and development capabilities and core technology of less than 5 % or so, compared to other countries, this figure falls far short. Looking at the whole market around, barely 90% of the mold are the same, how can win the trust of consumers.

   life as a water purification project, if there is no protection technologies, not only from the effect of clean water, it will cause secondary pollution of drinking water. Currently on the market most of the filtration system needs to be changed regularly, PP cotton, filter film filter device to become the core component, once the quality problems, "black core" will be more of a threat to human health.

   Therefore, an independent research and development, the ability to digest technique determines the actual quality of the product, at this point, we still have a long way to go. Technically, we still have the fear of.

   Second, the quality of the water purifier product safety

   Through supervision and inspection results in 2014 and 2015, two analyzes show that the passing rate twice 60% and 70%, respectively, most products are sampling from regular sales channels to the visibility is relatively high, it is in terms of pass rate is far lower than other appliances. In which health and safety and electrical safety unqualified items accounting for 50%, indicating that the product does exist many problems in the technical, regulatory, imagine other unconventional sources of products, only much worse.

   as a product for the consumer to solve the safety of drinking water, so a passing rate, consumers how dares to buy? Consumers have no ability to distinguish good and bad products, therefore, the water industry does not solve the rate of qualified products the market is difficult to develop.

   Third, the water purification industry standard

   At present, large and small, domestic water purifier manufacturers over 4000, the annual output reached 80 million units, sales reached more than 30 million units, but this behind the vast amounts of data, but hiddenHidden in a huge security risk. Local standards, corporate standards, industry standards, foreign standards and other standards confusion, lack of a unified set of standards development of the industry, resulting in a false hype, products of varying quality and other abnormal phenomena.

   as water purification products, water purification effect consumers are most concerned about is confused, many companies boast of their products five filters in the promotion process, eight filter, N-stage filter, the filter net effect comparable to pure water, and even invented a variety of what water? there are health effects, almost can cure all diseases, but for this critical "purification standards", but can not measure their effect, and few see authoritative test report to the product, five filters or N-level filtering, how effective by enterprises, businesses have the final say, not bound by a strict uniform standards, which also caused abnormal phenomenon of domestic water purifier, a number ten-dollar water purification products in the publicity effect to the purifying effect of a few thousand dollars.

   no rules no standards, a cohabitation of the market will allow consumers to keep a respectful distance. Uniform standards, strengthen supervision have a way out.

   Fourth, water purification products aftermarket

   After water purifier is different from other household appliances, installed in a home, it needs long-term normal after-sale protection, that is to say, not only quality assurance , is one of the main problems facing the future sale, after-sales can not keep up, the consumers home water purifier only can not protect the health of the water, but also a source of contamination.

   domestic water purifier comprehensive penetration rate of less than 5%, compared to 90 percent of foreign penetration far, and as a water purifier to open up in all kinds of markets, the sale will be the most critical problem. Currently, many manufacturers simply sales, regardless of after-sales approach, the market has created a significant negative effect. Therefore, strengthening the sale or production of products is the key to self-invention.

   Looking to the future, in the future the growing popularity of water purifiers, water purifiers to more than 40% annual growth rate to maintain rapid growth, if not self-purification water industry, the industry will remain difficult in the short term to achieve substantial development of.

   Although the water purification industry there are more than four major difficulty, but it is undeniable that the water purification industry is rapidly developing, good water purifier brand is a lot of need to join those who have intentions Observed.


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   franchisees how to build water purifiersEstablished a good sales network

   water purifier franchisee in order to achieve rapid operational efficiency, during the regional distribution, you need to establish a good distribution network, quickly open the local market, and even occupation of the local water purifier market high ground. Well, how?

   First, establish a regional brand

   in order to make fast establishment of regional marketing network, build brand of choice must be the high ground areas, and actively play a brand benefit. Such dealers can quickly increase business confidence. In addition to prominent location in the store and feel the decoration on the tall, can also be carried out in cooperation buses, bus schedule, main roads wall, major stores and other local, regional increase brand visibility, enhance brand consumers impression in mind.

   Second, develop a reasonable investment program

   to develop the premise investment program of in-depth market, market trends, understand the investment policy of the industry, analyze the pros and cons, reasonable price package, develop appropriate local market investment strategy of the status quo. Specifically the amount of the first purchase and support policies, personnel and material support when promotional activities, the lower open channels through reasonable program to help businesses quickly realize the water purifier to join the team of operators, multi-channel development, to quickly seize the consumer market.

   Third, establish excellent marketing team

   Even the best products, the perfect policy, are inseparable from the excellent marketing team to execute, Shang Yong purifier franchisee must remind the formation of an excellent marketing team, strong product knowledge while actively complete investment program, to develop Internet marketing in the consumer area through different forms of marketing, word of mouth marketing, free marketing, public marketing and sweepstakes and other activities mechanisms, so as to achieve the rapid expansion of brand awareness.

   Fourth, the difference between investment, characteristics of investment

   According to the region intention partners, integrated the actual situation, set up a variety of choice. Such as consignment, buy gifts and other forms, take wxafd001 a single point of bursting and to point to a combination of face to create a marketing network. According to the analysis of market characteristics lower channels, consumer characteristics, the price factor, user preferences, such as water quality and water ways, which has targeted investment activities.

   or both in the terminal sales channel development, atLi hospitable love relationship is very important. In addition, water purifiers to join a lot of others to learn from experience, with changes in the market to adjust itself, will achieve excellent results in channel development, covering the whole area of 鈥嬧€媜perations.

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