Under the epidemic, how to choose a mwater purifi-

   double health of body and mind is the quality of life style. Taking into account the current water pollution and health problems, we provide water for the whole family healthy enough? Is there a home water purifier water quality can achieve real health of it?

   asked a lot water purifier installed friends, everyone on how to buy a few key points household water purifiers were discussed. After a summary of all friends of view, how to buy home water purifiers we have a good answer: So there is a product, after it has filtered pure water quality comparable to developed countries in Europe.

   First, the water quality in developed countries are far better than a lot of good, so is the key to filter performance: the use of RO membrane filter water purification products is very important. For the speed of water, the usual products on the market are from 50 ~ 600G, 400G products in the general flow of the above, the speed of water can fully meet the daily household use.

   As to home, install water purifiers and home location space must obviously be taken into account. The new design is simple and does not account for the water purifier space would be more appropriate.

   After so do your homework, we are focusing on the boss purifier JR308. Boss Electric brand itself is a 41-year smoke stoves brand, has 10 years of experience with water for the Chinese kitchen. Its water purification, or Tsinghua University led by Dr. professional R & D team.

   The size of the volume JR308 only 155x395x430mm, net weight is only 8.9kg, look like a mini computer chassis, ideal for families line the citys small apartment. JR308 there specifically for leakage leakage patented design: it has a water purifier water leakage protection devices, power failure problems on their own; the situation less integrated water board design interface does not appear various lines tangled. The entire chassis is fully enclosed, simple and safe - whether we are at home just crawling bear children, or meow star who Wang Star People Pets such masters, we do not have to worry for their safety.

   RO reverse osmosis filter element with high precision using JR308, 0.0001 micron filtering accuracy can be achieved, the majority of the filtration precision than in a more professional market 0.001 microns RO membrane: to depth is tooFilter heavy metals, hormones, pesticides and other harmful substances as well as bacteria and viruses, but also the life of the RO membrane only to be replaced once a year. Cost issue has been how to buy a home water purifier is a major difficulty, it is also has such high filtration precision, making this less waste water purifiers, longer filter life. In short, doing a family of three on average only bottle of mineral water cost per day.

   Finally talk about the speed and sale of water: water purifier JR308 boss has a flow rate of 400G, 6s will be able to take full glass of water, fully meet the needs of a family of three straight drink; if you choose to buy it product also nothing to worry about installation problems, the boss electrical service 9 major worry detected from home to the installation step.

   on how to buy home water purifier problem, I believe the boss to select and use this water purifier JR308 we all will benefit from this product is fully functional and intelligent, but can also make this product we are no longer the envy of water quality in developed countries.

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