Pulse industry - 2017 China water dustry, the quality ofnova

   December 18, organized by the Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment, water purification industry Haier jointly organized the 2017 China water industry innovation and application of quality Exchange Conference held in Beijing Great Wall Sheraton Hotel banquet.

   The General Assembly has been Chinese Academy of household appliances, to authorities in the PRC, market research firm, Jiangsu Province, water purification equipment manufacturing Industry Association, Guangdong Provincial Association of water purification equipment, water purification industry associations in Anhui Province support, electronic products pollution control standards working group of the State Ministry of Industry, senior engineer China Electronics standardization Institute of fruit Li, China Association for quality inspection of water purification equipment special committee vice chairman and team leader for a long time, Mr. Gu Chuan, China consumer protection with Po Sang Foundation office director of the China quality certification Center two and Haier Minister Wang Hongyuan water purification industry, electrical Lake, ho-taek, the United States, Angel, Qin Kang, sun rain, TCL, cloud meters, Qingdao Heiner Poole, Anhui Chi Wang, Bo Changzhou electric fan, Four seasons song Mu, Hua Jin era, nearly 300 domestic Amway excellent water purification industry manufacturing company gathered around the technology, then a total of development, the General Assembly unprecedented. Sina home, home Tencent, China Quality News, China standardization magazine, China Economic Net, CNR net nearly 50 authoritative media carried a report on the event. The meeting was chaired by the Chinese Academy of household appliances Lu Jianguo, deputy chief engineer.


   Moderator: China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute, deputy chief engineer Lu Jianguo

   expert in-depth interpretation, feel the pulse of the industry development needs

   feel the pulse of the industry trend indicator, studying water purification market core technical problems, talked about the new changes in the industry. Start of the General Assembly, the State Ministry of electronic products pollution control standards working group, senior Chinese Institute of Electronics Standardization fruit Li "limit the use of management practices of electrical and electronic products harmful substances" on the Chinese version of RoHS usage policies and business execution strategy, electrical and electronic products implementation of the content of harmful substances risk management and control strategies interpretation.


   State Ministry of electronic products pollution control standards working group

   Chinese Institute of Electronics Standardization engineer if Lai

   Chinese Quality Certification Center Minister authentication two Wanghong Yuan limit value for the water and effect a reverse osmosis water purification unitEfficiency rating certification related issues were resolved. "Reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit" as a mandatory standard, in order to implement the most stringent water management system, draw a red line strict control of water use efficiency, this standard will be in November 2018 implementation. Subject to the attention of the relevant water purification business.


   China Quality Certification Center two Minister Wang Hongyuan

   Large coffee industry gathered to talk about new forms of water purification technologies

   in the corporate theme speech Segment, Jiangsu Qin Kang environment Electric chairman Xu Linongs "steadfast, to achieve the ultimate micro-waste", Anhui Wang Chi purify "big data and artisan spirit membrane elements manufactured" Zhangfei Hu, vice president of Technology Co., Ltd., Qingdao Heiner into the same section of Poole, general manager of environmental technology Limited "principle and implementation for three years for the core" and "technology and application of activated carbon for water purification," manager Tony Chen of Jiangsu Pu Shida, from water purification machine section water technology to innovation and application, dry speeches full of water purification equipment accessories, materials, brilliant.


   Jiangsu Qin Kang environment Electric chairman Xu Linong


   Anhui Chi Wang, vice president of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. purification Zhang Feihu


   Jiangsu Pu Shida manager Tony Chen


   Qingdao Heiner Poole environmental technology Co., Ltd., general manager Duan with [ 123]

   In addition, the Chinese water industry machine and parts industry supply chain summit will of the General Assembly to a climax. The forum was hosted by the editor of Sina home in North Jing, the Chinese water industry veteran Gu Chuan long time, Haier commercial water purification general manager Chen Peng, Peng Zhang Bo, general manager of Lake Electric Co., Ltd. water purification research and development; TCL household appliances (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. General manager Tanghuai Yu; Hay US special Industrial Co., Ltd., general manager Li Jian, Beijing Kang Chen, chairman of surgery increase its participation in the dialogue. In-depth thinking about the impact of quality, technology, brand, industry experts and business representatives.


   Moderator: Sina home in North editor Wong Jing


   Forum: Chinese water industry machine and accessories industry forChain Summit

   Technology Conference is designed to provide clean water for our enterprises a communication, cooperation, win-win platform, to promote the technical exchange between the water purification business, the formation of industry linkage, to build water purification a new pattern of trade. 2017 China water industry quality innovation and application of the exchange of the General Assembly to a successful conclusion.

   (Source: China Water Purifier Public number)

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