Water purification technology behind drinkg wer csis was ha

   Water is the source of life, the impact of water pollution on the lives of the residents will be enormous. But there is a great part of the population lack health awareness of drinking water, water pollution also feel very far away from their own, but I wonder every day to drink tap water in fact there is a considerable security risk. Now, even the groundwater have inevitably contaminated, use household water purification equipment will be the trend.




water purification technology behind drinking water crisis status quo

   most of the water purification process of the water quality can not meet Chinas doorstep. Current conventional water treatment processes commonly used centralized water supply unit has four steps: coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection. Some experts said that at present most of Chinas water plant are used in water purification process that has been used for over a hundred years. Therefore, attention, attention, strengthen groundwater pollution, is desperately needed.

   difficult to control water pollution, and do great damage. Some experts said: ".. Below the surface strata complex groundwater flow is extremely slow, so once contaminated, at least take a few years to make the water will recover, Im afraid no amount of investment in vain." In addition, because groundwater contamination, some of local drinking water safety has been compromised, a "cancer village" is meant appear water crisis has affected everyones lives. In the case of water pollution is so rampant, safe drinking water for their families, to install home water purifier has become everyones choice.

   water purifier brand good and bad, to choose what type of water purifiers, consumers have no knowledge of that product is undoubtedly a needle in a haystack-like confusion. Water industry has been in no order, no state oversight, a lot of disarray sky "cottage", "OEM" water purification companies where they stand, it is so that consumers get confused. Drinking water industry should always be the responsibility of the health of 1.4 billion people, make conscience products, so that consumers from contaminated water, the water safer, healthier drinking life.


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