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   HC clean water network recently had a friends house installed a whole house water purification, and then she found a problem, recently always feel a bath wash clean, after washing there slippery feel, just beginning to think might be shower gel thing, do not rinse, then simply do not have, but found that there is still this feeling, I find it very strange, because it really is the cause of installed clean water? After

   Later, after careful verification, the original whole house water purification installation, with wash water into soft water is purified, it is make the skin becomes slippery.

   Why water softener will this effect? Lets look soft and hard water:

   "soft water" is water containing no or less soluble calcium, magnesium compound. "Hard water" refers to a large, soluble, calcium and magnesium compounds in water.

   In simple terms, the difference is Talia: calcium and magnesium ions with a little a more.

   that this slippery have anything to do with the future bath?



   Before introducing this reason, we also need to understand a situation in which it is easy to react with hard water to produce soap scum. The metathesis reaction

   Since the main component of the soap is sodium stearate, calcium ions into contact with water occurs, to form insoluble calcium stearate, i.e. we see scum. Soft and not easily react with soap.

   Similarly there are used the usual facial cleanser, bath gel, shampoo, etc. These products generally contain something called soap, calcium and magnesium ions in hard water when the soap met, generating a species called "scum" of the material.

   effect on the skin will stick to the skin, constantly rubbing the skin, so that the film can not be reproduced normally sebum, cuticle damage, resulting in the skin can not retain moisture, over time the skin will appear dry, peeling of situation, even become sensitive. The calcium and magnesium ions in the water softener little problem "soap scum" does not appear.

   so we, after bath with soft water, soap scum skin and hair will not harden, replenish natural moisture, the skin will become more smooth, no sense of tension, hairNot too edgy, this is what we did not feel like a clean, slippery feeling.

   our daily very touching thing is to wash your hands with tap water, hand washing is always when we have this kind of feeling dry, mainly because tap water contains more calcium and magnesium ions, is no way to remove the remaining in the hands, clogging the pores, so there is no slippery feeling.

   After the dry hand, calcium and magnesium ions of water will dry on the handle, so we do not rub the cream will feel very dry.

   After a water softener, calcium and magnesium ions are substantially removed, the skin will not be blocked because calcium and magnesium ions and, after the rinse will feel slippery, not wipe hand will not feel skincare very dry.

   so many people would say often use soft water wash can remove the pores of the skin, making the skin smooth, delicate and moisturizing effect is good.

   In addition to using soft water is good for the skin and hair, what advantages it?

   1, household appliances is not easy scaling

   We usually use the toilet is the most obvious, it is prone to yellow with dirt after a period of time after use soft water, toilets, sinks, bathtubs rarely yellow scale occurs.

   There are obvious holes shower head is at, is not prone to white scale, flow more smooth.

   for the boiler, water heaters and other appliances such needs contact with water, are needed before the regular cleaning of scale, if it is soft, then it can greatly reduce the frequency of cleaning, and extended equipment life, because of the high heating efficiency , and will properly save electricity, gas, oh.

   2, the laundry-friendly

   If the water hardness is relatively high, the water with the detergent base will react to form soap scum laundry, clothing fibers embedded in the gap, dry clothes after We will send plate, stiff.

   If you are using soft water washing foam will be more rich, no soap scum, and wash the clothes fluffy and soft, bright colors.

   The above is about the introduction of the soft water-related, why does the skin will become soft and slippery after the mystery is now solved it. In addition, you also learn about what the advantages and disadvantages of soft water it? Together to share with us about it!


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