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   In the spring, summer and easy to stack, and shortly blind has gone through three public foundations carrier. 2018 the evening of January 15, we meet in Sanya mangrove International Conference Center, with night lights blind charity, jointly review the course we walked together to celebrate our own birthdays, outlook ours a better tomorrow!


   Beijing Luomai Technology Group founder, Beijing Luomai Technology Group Chairman, Qiming Community Foundation sponsor, Ms. Jing Wang Qiming president of Charity Foundation; Beijing Luo Mak, vice president of Technology Group, Beijing Luomai Technology Co., Ltd. president, vice chairman of Community Foundation Ankai blind; blind Tao Guolin, chairman of Community Foundation, as well as company executives, attended on behalf of blind love this evening.


   invited party guests: China Space Foundation honorary chairman, former vice minister of PLA General Armament Department, deputy commander of Chinas manned space engineering Zhang Jianqi will; vice chairman of the China space Foundation, the China aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Secretary of the Board Hou Xiufeng; moon and deep space exploration, general director, researcher, national Observatory "China national Astronomy" magazine editor in chief Liu group Chinese Academy of Sciences; China aerospace Foundation advisor, China Taiyuan satellite launch Center, former deputy political commissar Zhang Shengyuan Major General; Deputy Secretary General of China space Foundation Yuanmao Fu, Minister of business development Department Yang Aimin; Guizhou Education development Foundation Secretary-General Zhou Yi Jiang, and Tongren City Department of Education, Tongren City student Financial Assistance Center, Sichuan Province, the next generation Fund, a special fund of the blind leading aerospace guests gathered grand charity.



   night, the Chinese newspaper industry association, the International Business Daily, the newspaper of Chinese consumers, consumer Daily, Global People magazine, China Quality Tour; Peoples Daily, Xinhua , China economic net, China News, Tea party and other media competing media coverage of the evening event. To make your family feel more Duoluo Mai humanistic atmosphere of the scene, accompanied by Luomai be simultaneously broadcast live on APP.



   途 Luomai Lang Charity Night blind reader brings together a large party recitation, dance and other warmth and full of humane care program, so the scene applause constantly touched again and again.


   Everyone vast sky as a star, a little more love, we are more of a light to illuminate the darkness; goodness is like the night skys brightest sinking, Venus, guide us into the light. Qiming Star, heart-warming Annotation civilization; the blind STAR, love-inspired mirror the soul.


   "charity, give industry German first" is the perception of sages Laozi good deeds, but also Luomai always adhere to uphold corporate purposes. It seems plain water surging energy reserves, as good heart, seemingly mundane, but it can bring human love.


   good, is for others, dedication to the community, is the inspiration for good people. Recite a poem, "inspired love, spiritual mirror", reflecting the blind Charity Foundation to "inspire love, mirror the soul" for the purpose, with a pass Chengmei De, spread love of practical charity, highlighting the strength of the public!


   For three years, we Helping Hands, with the measured pace of the mountains and rivers of the motherland; with sincere, warm poverty and hunger. Future, Qiming Community Foundation will continue to help mountain children and elderly, the strong support of the national aerospace industry, aerospace and set up a scholarship at many colleges and universities, funding students, foster the development of aerospace professionals.


   途 骞煎惥骞间互鍙婁汉涔嬪辜 look after, Everywhere, the truth, cherish that of caring heart Chi, broad lines of the poor For that of the good, the good is like to cite the German industry first, benevolent love 途 Fukuzawa society.


   Qiming Community Foundation is a volunteer charity attended by enthusiastic citizens, legal persons and other social organizations and the composition of a national non-profit charitable social organizations, is Luomai important part of the "3 + 1" strategy, is reflected Luomai practice of social responsibility.


   unconsciously, blind Charity Foundation has been three years old. In strong support of the community of caring people, blind Charity Foundation always with love and action to social welfare undertakings hard work, relying on the purpose of "enlightened love, mirror the soul", adhere to "look after, our children as well as other peoples children "concept, actively promote charity awareness.


   Qiming Community Foundation to do good for the first one hundred uphold the conviction, with stable if Taishan perseverance and tireless pursuit, in the long road to a new era and song and the line.


   "and Qiming public counterparts, I really gain a transformation, followed the footsteps of public service, my heart has become more flexible; approach to life, I will not complain, because the lack of happy people than you, thank you, have not complained about changes and new life brought me blind, if not your appearance, I even still be lonely, lonely know the depth;! Qiming inspired my sight, so I ! understand public, in fact, with everyone about the "blind Charity Foundation who love emotional recitation" blind taught me: no longer indifferent "to express the blind Charity Foundation to get them out of self-designated circle, they will continue follow the footsteps of public service, with its power to force to help more people who need help.


   "I also humble alive, is blind shine of my heart, and now, I gain a joy not only for those who need care can also be a friendly Xiangbang the mission, always on my shoulder; I will continue with the blind side by side with the voyage with Qiming Community Foundation; even if the sea was choppy, we can split Jing chopped waves, to complete our initial desire to "blind Charity Foundation. people love soulful recitation "in five years, with the blind grow together", because they are blind Charity Foundation, learned to change, to be strong! Future, they will continue to support and participate in the blind love of public action carried out by Community Foundation, to play their proper value.


   As of 2017, contributions to the project Qiming Community Foundation has conducted thousands of cumulative donations in kind has exceeded 200 million yuan. In the establishment of "space Qiming class" and "Chinas space Qiming Library," bring a bright hope for the poor students in Guizhou and other places.


   the face of adversity, we need strength and courage to face all the difficulties, but also need to have a grateful heart, warm the world to read the truth. Qiming special art training center of performers, with a heart of indomitable spirit, brave optimism, fear the challenges of the heart, bring hand dance recital "Qiming, our warm home" and dance "Thousand-hand Bodhisattva", their optimism attitude to life, so that all those present really feelThey have the courage and determination to fight against fate. During the show, the audience heard the applause, long time can not quell.


   Community Foundation Qiming heart of 86 million people with disabilities, and the sound of the soul troupe Beijing co-sponsored, set up a "blind special art training center", the professional expertise the platform has a disability artistic talent development and become a help people with disabilities achieve artistic dreams cradle.


   When talented disabled children presented their work as director of Qiming Community Foundation, the presence of each family are extremely moving.


   Qiming Community Foundation actively respond to national call, courageous commitment to social responsibility, red in the first line in the earthquake relief, poverty reduction in precision, care for the elderly, re-take the Long Way Bearing in mind the aspect of history, a lot of care for veterans and other public service activities. For three years, blind interpretation of corporate foundations and the general public who love high sense of responsibility to the state and society with practical act.


   blind, people with dreams lit; aerospace, because the dream to conquer the sky; the nation, because the dream of blood heritage.


   sixteen hundred years ago, humans have dreamed of flying in the sky, and left the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang "flying" a better mark. From the fantasy of the Moon, Chang E series to todays launch, Chinas dream of flying has never stopped.


   to explore the vastness of the universe, the development of space industry, construction space powers, is our relentless pursuit of the dream of space flight. Dare sky the moon, danger sail, chasing the dream of the sky, we are brave to fly.


   aerospace industry is a measure of a countrys scientific and technological strength of an important criterion, but also an important element to realize the Chinese dream. Qiming Community Foundation, according to Tuo Luomai strong support of science and technology, heavily subsidized the development of Chinas space industry, and together with the China Space Foundation set up a "special fund space blind." For three years, we did not forget the early heart, temper forward, wants and needs of the country, people are worried about the storm, the solution of the difficulties of the masses, and to spread the concept of public service, expanding public achievements, to promote the healthy development of Chinas public welfare undertakings efforts stopped working .


   each of us, life is a journey practitioner, even if there is life incomplete, there are bleak back, we have a moonlight night, to accompany the world ushered in the dawn. Greatest happiness in life than their own values 鈥嬧€媋re fully reflected. Luomai will continue to remember our mission, to continue adhering to the "3 + 1" strategy, through the Community Foundation so that blind peoples moral beliefs more to promote, so that more people who need help to see the sun, to achieve national "round well-off, move forward on a new take-off "on the road for the realization of the great Luomai dream, Chinese dream unremitting efforts!

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