Water purification industry branch of the second half o2018

   November 16, 2018, the National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management Branch of the second half of 2018 water purification industry management work conference was held in the ancient city of Shandong Taierzhuang patriotism education base. Water purification industry branch president Tang Jian Xing, vice president Zhangyi Peng, director highlighted, Minister Secretary-General Huang Li and Training Division, Deputy Secretary General Tang Peng, Deputy Secretary-General Luo Si-right Minister of International Division, members of the Ministry of Training Division, large equipment each sector R & D centers, spare parts supply chain, the Ministry of information, media division, and other person in charge, the governing representatives, member representatives, representatives of non-members to attend the meeting, and invited the president of the local fraternity Xiamen water industry Association WU Shan air away, to attend the executive president Li Xinmin the meeting, the meeting in an open, democratic, pleasant atmosphere, held smoothly.


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   at the beginning of the meeting under the chairmanship of Deputy Secretary-General Tang Peng, the meeting consists of five parts, first by water purification industry Tang Jian Xing branch president to do simple work report during the first half of 2018 to all participants.

   Tang Jian Xing president from five plates on the work of the industrial branch in the first half of 2018 Summary:


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   First, strengthen the organization construction branch, clear club service project . May 21, Secretariat of the water purification industry branch was officially opened in Shanghai Jingan District Republican International Building A, Room 1512, earlier held a working meeting in the first half of the chapter. November 16 held a working meeting in the second half of the branch in Shandong Taierzhuang.

   Second, to go abroad, to strengthen international exchanges. January 23 club president Tang Jian Xing water industry representatives attended in Austrias "2018 Global Trends Forum clean water," and made a report on the status of the water industry, China; March 23 associations part of the member to visit some US companies over the same period visited the water treatment WQA exhibition held in Denver, met with some of the leading WQA period; August 19-25 visit to the member associations part of the part of Indian companies, earlier visited the water purification exhibition in New Delhi.

   Third, the refining market analysis of the topic, the Forum Salon dual-mode propulsion, pragmatic discuss industry issues. July 6 during the "2018 China Assembly comfortable home" Wuhan sponsored the "whole house water purification Forum." Held "special inspection on the water industry in Beijing July 13Altar. "August 3 held in Guangzhou, Shunde," "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit" and "water efficiency labeling management approach" Forum. "Held in Guiyang, 18-19 October" 2018 water purifier checks sampling analysis seminar. "Changsha held two salons, Beijing hosted the thirteenth Sharon, Sharon held in Shanghai three times, twice in Xiamen salon.

   Fourth, in-depth research business line interactive exchange of relevant organizations. June 10-15 Association member units visited Guangdong section of water purification business. July 29-31 Association member units visited Zhejiang part of the water purification business. Sept. 15-17 Association member units visited Shanghai, Jiangsu part of water purification company. June 1 Association member units attended the Shanghai water show. management Association member units attended the business activities of other agencies and organizations.

   Fifth, strengthen the member units of water purification special skills training. April 12-13 in Changsha held the third Intermediate water quality engineer training in Texas hosted the first junior water engineer training on May 27-28. the second was held in Texas on June 23-24 junior water engineer training session June 23-24 in Fenyang held its third junior water engineer training in Changsha, held the fourth intermediate water quality engineer training on September 12-14, October 25-27 in Xiamen will hold its fifth intermediate water quality engineer training November 30 - will host the sixth intermediate water quality engineer training in Guangdong Shunde December 1

   branch of the water purification industry can not develop without management. team unity and capable, the meeting of the industry Branch organizational structure and personnel made adjustments, changes of the following:

   1, resigned as vice president Zhangyi Peng, vice president of office, was promoted to honorary president of


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   2, supplement Shanghai-blue water treatment Technology Co., Ltd. Ju Wu, chairman of the governing factors.


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   3, add to Xiamen air water industry Association chairman WU Shan far as the Deputy Secretary-General

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