Optional four precautions before installing a water purifier

   Today, water began to creep into millions of households, but before installing a water purifier to buy, what precautions we have to consider the good of it? The following four aspects, ready to install water purifier you must consider carefully.




Before the optional installation of four water purification Notes (Photos from the network)

   First, note that there is sufficient to consider the mounting position of the [ 123]

   water purifier is closely related to home improvement products, mainly installed in the kitchen. Need to consider body height, thickness, width, and height of the kitchen closet problems purchase. If consumers buy the storage tank type water purifier, there are problems such as hydropower connection. Therefore, consumers in the home decoration, should be considered ahead of the safety of water and electricity connections, to ensure that the risk of leakage will not occur after water purifier installed in place, run electricity.

   Second, pay attention to choose health permits products

   belong wading water purifier products, before each of the products on the market should be subject to supervision departments identified by the book, to ensure water quality and related quality in line with national standards, access to health permit this document, the provincial health department issued before sale. Currently, due to the water industry is still not standardized, some small businesses in order to save costs, without access to health permit this document, or to apply a variety of products namely health documents relating to illegal sales. Here, when consumers buy water purifier should pay attention to check whether the product has a health permit this document, the consumer can also be through the National Health Planning Commission website, a health permit this document query.

   Third, pay attention to choose a good after-sales service brand

   to install water purifier is more complex, and is wading products, replace or install their own security risk filter, not suitable for users to install their own. When consumers buy water purifier, manufacturers should also be considered, whether businesses have the ability to on-site installation services. At the same time, water purification machines in use for some time the need to replace the filter, is a long-term after-sales service products, the purchase should consider the manufacturers, merchants have stabilized at whether local, high-quality after-sales service.

   Fourth, pay attention to consider the filter maintenance costs and ease of installation

   because many brands, different additional functions, different filtration precision, water purifier price difference is relatively large, low forty-five hundred dollars, up to 89 thousand dollars. To pay attention to the predicted cost consumers buy, comprehensiveConsider co-products and cost-effective post-use, choose a reliable quality, cost-effective products. At the same time, consumers should also consider the convenience, safety during filter replacement, filter and prevent water purifier does not match the accuracy or bayonet caused by inaccurate leaks.

   before the purchase and installation of water purifiers, take note of these four things, can help you more pleasant to use water purifiers. Hopefully this article can help you Oh!

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