Warm water to bring the five magic


Medical research shows that the optimum temperature for the metabolism of the teeth 35 degrees Celsius. If you brush your teeth not pay attention to the water temperature, easily lead to cramps and bleeding gums, tooth shorten life.


warm water is boiled water naturally cooled to 25-30 degrees Celsius, can also be added to new water against the cold water, and drinking is not hot mouth, very comfortable. Drunk warm water can not only physical health, there are many magical effect.


After the water is boiled, chlorine and other harmful substances volatilized, and to ensure the essential nutrients, but no loss. Compared with cool white open, warm water close to body temperature, nutrients easily absorbed, more importantly, will not stimulate the stomach.


Oral cleaning rinse water temperature


Clean warm water, mild, is a benign protective agent, does not stimulate the oral cavity, throat, mouth with warm, fresh feel uncomfortable, so that oral bacteria , easier to remove food residue.


of warm water to help you clean


to get up early cup, breakfast good absorption. Morning cup of warm water, the water rushed to the place can get "clean" to help stomach, liver and kidney shoulder, not only to relieve constipation, reduce thrombosis, the incidence of myocardial infarction, but also help you to effectively absorb breakfast. Therefore, the early morning wake up, you must remember to drink 1-2 cups (200-400 mL) warm water.


of warm water to brush your teeth to protect the gums


Medical research shows that dental optimal temperature is 35 degrees Celsius metabolism. If you brush your teeth not pay attention to the water temperature, easily lead to cramps and bleeding gums, tooth shorten life.


hangover effect of good


let drunk people who drink several cups of warm water immediately, can effectively dilute alcohol, protection of human liver, drunk and vomiting compensate for the loss of large amounts of water.


choked, quickly drink warm water


Like heated lubricant retained in the esophagus to clear the throat, with good "specific function."


Paul "stomach" secret early morning is best to drink warm water


The first morning cup of water to drink warm water. Early morning drinking can promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular disease. Ordinary people to drink boiled water early morning as well, should not add salt (such as drinking salt water will add to hypertonic dehydration, it is doubly dry mouth. Moreover, the morning is the first peak of blood pressure, and drinking salt water will make blood pressure higher).Constipation, drink honey water is a good choice. Fasting early morning wake up drink no more than 150 milliliters.

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