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   spring, and the season of rebirth, the weather is getting warmer our water intake also increased, so the purchase of a home water purifier to protect the health of their families drinking water is particularly necessary. And we know little about their own knowledge of water purifiers and water purifiers on the market a wide variety of brands and dizzying, many consumers can not help but want to choose a reassuring feeling of home water purifier really not easy na. So, what to buy household water purifiers trick it? After purchasing a home water purifier, what should we pay attention to what the problem?




priority to understand household water purifiers knowledge allows you to use more confidence (Photo from Internet)

   1, to understand local water conditions

   principle of water purifier that filters through the water terminal, harmful impurities will be removed , depending on the water quality, water purifiers different functional design. Our vast, complex and diverse regional water quality, water quality rigid generally north to buy the ion exchange resin cartridge and advanced filter water purifier based softener; southern soft quality to serious agricultural and industrial pollution, especially heavy metals, for higher quality requirements, high filtration accuracy can be selected RO reverse osmosis water, if the water quality is better local, machine-based ultrafiltration may be selected.

   2, to confirm the purpose of their water

   In general, consumers buy water purifier is mainly divided into whole house water purification and household drinking water in both categories. Domestic water is generally used whole house water purification system, the optional central main water purifier. It is noteworthy that whole house water purification system in the decoration need to pre-discharge tube, it is necessary to consider the amount of water, but also to consider the effect of the water. Family drinking water does not require pre-discharge, with methods varied, with the mainstream market is divided into two types: pre-purifier water purifier + + five leading water purifier, water purifier pre-+ RO reverse osmosis water purification device. 3 for water purification installation position and installation dimensions

   in the purchase of consumer water purifier should determine when an installation site, and to reserve a good amount of installation space, installation is determined, which can in to the store to buy water purifiers bottom hearts, if you can install the best home help staff view the arrangement provides water purifier installation professional reference observations.

   4, rinsing before use

   Household water purifiers before use must be washed a few minutes, and some may be household water purifiersIt has been placed for a long period of time, which may penetrate impurities and bacteria, wash a few minutes just fine, the same token, if the home water purifier over a period of time useless, next time with the need to wash a few minutes.

   5, regular replacement of the filter element

   The home water purifier cartridge is to be replaced regularly, usually water purifier which contains pp cotton filter, activated carbon filter, a reverse osmosis membrane or ro membrane filter, etc., each filter replacement time is not the same, pp cotton from March to June, for once, for once activated charcoal six to September, ultrafiltration membrane or ro changed every two to three years. Of course, the specific circumstances replace the filter, the main local water quality, water use, routine maintenance and other aspects of the case to be based on, the worse the water quality, the greater the amount of water, if it is self-priming machines, raw water tank and no cleaning, that filter with a shorter time to be sure.

   6, clean outfall

   Generally good water purification will have an automatic flushing device, which extend the life of the filter, the user should be promptly check the outfall, in case problems arise. If you will not only clog the sewage outfall will shorten filter life, but also reduce water quality, causing secondary pollution.

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