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   compared to the explosive growth in previous years, the 2019 water purifier market more rational, growth has slowed further. According to Ovid cloud network released a report, 2019H1 water purifier market size of 13.83 billion yuan, an increase of 1.3%; retail sales of 5.024 million units, an increase of 8.6%. According to the consulting line at the Pan-Bory latest data show that overall retail sales in November purifier to 328.311 million yuan, down 17.8% year on year, retail sales of 8.7 million units, down 18.9% year on year. Not difficult to see out of, water purifier market growth in the first half of this year has downshifted significantly, the overall trend showed weak growth.

   The reason why the water purifier market slowdown, nothing less than the following three reasons: First, the overall slowdown in 2019 consumer electronics market, price wars that have raged multiple categories color TV, air conditioning, electric kitchen, etc. , water purifier not sit idly by, among multi-brand price war, thus driving down profit margins throughout the industry. Second, after nearly seven years of market penetration, due to water pollution caused by health concerns dividend gradually weaken, water purifier entered the development bottleneck. With a second-tier city market growth bottlenecks, four-tier cities will take time to develop, new water purification industry is not strong, the update is not busy, the stock market into a competitive stage. The third is, product homogeneity serious cause users to get a new desire is not strong. The current industry mainstream water purifiers are based on ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis membrane filtration, except only in terms of innovation capacity, appearance and so on. Technological innovation ability is insufficient, leading the industry into the homogeneous competition stage.



   In addition, the frequent burst of quality door event, but also to many consumers began to water purification products sidelines. In August this year, Anhui Market Supervisory Authority official Netcom reported 2019 provincial water purifier product quality supervision and inspection results. Upon examination, six groups of water purification product failure, involving a nominal licensing net Kang, Suoyi licensing and other commodities. In November, the Market Authority Jiangsu Province released water purifier supervision and inspection results. The total sample of 49 batches of water purifiers, 42 batches of qualified, a pass rate of 85.7%, nominal trademark Kohler, and Schonbrunn wait "black list", this sampling of defective main source for the day cat fight lots and other electronic business platform. Visible, more than new demand weakness, safety and quality water purification products also not optimistic about the urgent need to rectify improvement.

   Although the water industry ChengBefore the pressure line, in the early stages of development, the stage of cohabitation, but the water purification market as a whole continued to show a warming trend, the industry is still optimistic about it, even a lot of people see it as a potential shares. According to the Pan-Bory Consulting announced the "water industry trend analysis report" shows that since 2019, the overall front-end water purification products market retail sales grew 0.4%, the end product retail sales grew 4.6%, to achieve steady growth. Industry experts have predicted that China water purifier market in the next 5-10 years will have a 45% rate of sustained growth.

   If the last few years the development of the Chinese water industry is divided into two stages, the first half was the beginning of the water purifier market universal education, then the second half is required for all water industry participants to work together, the face of the current bottleneck stage water industry, water purification industry should form a consensus and work together to promote the upgrading of products propelled by the vertical transverse.

   Vertically, water purification industry participants need to be taken "grasp with both hands" strategy. On the one hand to continue to increase healthy drinking water, education market, because until now, our water purifier market penetration rate is still less than 10%, compared to the penetration rate of around 80% compared to Europe, America and Japan and other developed countries, there is a big gap . On the other hand purifier enterprises should increase research and development, product assembly to break early, homogeneity predicament, from the purification ability, intelligence, direct drinking, innovation and more individual needs of innovative consumer products experience. From todays market new look, the use of intelligent, integrated water, the dual sources, detection filter, detects the TDS, WIFI advanced control functions; and also transformed from a single type of purification with heating or cooling function for the integrated linear drink trends.

   in the horizontal dimension, household water purifiers water purification companies need to break boundaries, to seek solutions to the scene. In recent years, water purification business mainly focused on the end product upgrades, but along with the popularity of consumption upgrade and the concept of healthy drinking water, health, quality, high-end features such as point becomes a key factor in consumers to buy water purification products, which it was decided to install a traditional POU program can not meet peoples needs, clean water also urged the companys future should not be limited to simple water purification upgrade end product features, users should be around water depth of excavation scene, providing more than scene, multi crowd, installation of multi-solutions.



   Indeed, Water purification industry very early insight into user demand for domestic water other than drinking water, there are a lot of companies have been active in promoting the concept of whole house water purification. In 2018-- During 2019, AO Smith, Angel, the United States, open to have launched a scene of water purification products, such as AO Smith bathing beauty water softener, Angel Kitchen all-round water purifier, the United States microbubble washing one machine, open to the whole kitchen water purifier and so on. Appearance scene of water purification products, on the one hand to provide household water purification industry from the "water" to "water" the possibility, on the other hand, breaking the restrictions whole house water purification is the future trend of consumption upgrade, it is also home a symbol of quality water.

   The industry also pointed out that, in the future, as more and more brands participating in the scenario of water purification product development and promotion, popularization scene products will continue in-depth, front-end water purifiers, water purification end limits will become increasingly blurred, a "you have me, I have you," the new product form.

   In general, water purifier is a sunrise industry, between 2020 and the next three to five years will continue to maintain the trend of rapid growth. The water industry not only from the second half of the incremental further popularize end water purification products, but also inseparable from the scene in addition to the needs of other domestic water purification product upgrades beyond the end of clean water, enterprises need to expand coverage and strengthen contacts scenes interactive experience to acquire new users, and only this, golden water fishing industry in order for a long time.

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