Purifier companies need to form their own brand characterist

   Water is a resource we live, our focus is also of great concern. The face of shocking cases of water pollution, the need for safe drinking water of ordinary residents increasingly strong, healthy drink, rest assured that the water has become a problem in front of us need to be resolved! For this reason, many people choose to install a water purifier installed. This makes the water purification industry ushered in an unprecedented development.

   After decades of development, brand water purifier showing a "flourishing" of the situation, while the water purifier product homogeneity is becoming increasingly serious. Now, 8090 has become the main body of the home improvement market, how to meet their pursuit of individual consumption characteristics, become one of the marketing strategies purifier companies should consider. This requires small and medium enterprises out of the water purifier morass of homogenization, build brand characteristics on the basis of existing resources.


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   to build brand characteristics

   domestic water purifier brand development industry matures, many small water purifier enterprises have gradually get rid of the "OEM factory" the traditional image. However, most small and medium enterprises still retain water purification process imitation of past production patterns, lack of innovation and design capabilities, which also makes the domestic water purifier market product homogeneity competition further intensified.

   facing increasingly fierce market competition, small and medium enterprises need water purifier brand gradually formed its own characteristics, to get rid of homogeneous competition. Water purification products factor in a lot of resources, such as raw materials, function, efficacy, color, texture, quality, technology, origin, history and many other factors. When the product features oriented brand positioning, pay attention to the relationship between product characteristics and brand, both to make the brand positioning and product characteristics associated with, but also the brand positioning and other brands have differences. Water purifier brand positioning can also be extracted from the enterprise resources, such as business background, leader, leader, social contribution, the integration of capital, strategic development perspective, marketing strategy point of view.

   to meet consumer demand

   water purifier itself in appearance and quality of the gap is very small, the key is to give consumers the feeling, so another way, from a unique perspective to establish a good brand typical social image and to spread among consumers, would be a good way to brand positioning. Real estate sector, the famous case - "give you a five-star home" is a typical grade orientation, another example in the clothing, men like to wear name brand, like a womanWith fashion. Men want to be able to self-expression, brand and non-brand name comfort level is the same, not the same as wearing the psychological feelings. Therefore, water purifier brand positioning to be solved is the grade of those who seek taste and the "vanity" of demand, the price of this product is not able to solve, we must rely to establish the concept of a water purifier brand high-grade.

   In addition, the brand positioning must be full and accurate market research, through a comprehensive understanding of "the nature of consumer demand," "inferior competitors", "advantages of their own" brand re-positioning. By understanding competitors is difficult to do, consumers unmet needs, and based on their own strengths to locate.

   brand embodies the entire contents of business management, is a concentrated expression of the core competitiveness of enterprises. At present, the level of domestic technology matures, water purification products for most manufacturers is not difficult. However, due to competition in the industry confusion, a great impact on the overall water purifier market. Water purifier companies will only create a unique brand in order to gain a foothold in the market.

   for water purifier manufacturers, for different consumer groups to develop different products, the implementation of differentiated marketing model, to create the most representative of their own products, thus opening the visibility, capture the market.

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