There are micro-assessment material Shu Ying-campus drinkg f

   The three-day Beijing Water Show Huali Qi screen, liters, Sen music to bring water purification products exhibition lead many consumers attention; In addition, the overflow water purification love, Fang Li Zhonghe campus drinking in Beijing Rui Royal International Hotel, respectively, held a large-scale product launches ......



# 2018 Beijing water show #

   Beijing water show gorgeous bloom booster "green tough fight."

   [123 ] September 19 --21 May 2018 WATERTECH Beijing international exhibition and membrane water treatment technology and equipment exhibition grand opening in Beijing China international exhibition Center (new Venue). This annual northern water industry networking event, brought together more than 1,000 exhibitors, attracted 40,000 professional visitors at home and abroad visit the negotiations. Water treatment industry has become the mainstream enterprise platform of choice for the show.


   water purification ingenuity life presents: liters of water purification debut 2018 Beijing Water Show

   liters of water purification as a leading brand in the field of water purification, in 2018WATERTECH Beijing international Exhibition and membrane water treatment technology and equipment exhibition presents a comprehensive multi-dimensional liter ultrafiltration membrane technology, and high-quality home water purification solutions, water purification business solutions, water recycling membrane processing solutions program, attracted many visitors come to visit!


   Focus 2018 Beijing Water Show Le Sen whole house water purification products concern

   Sen music regulars as water exhibition, the exhibition of carrying the entire products exhibition. The show has a lot of users for a variety of new Mori music market this year are very interested, Sen music staff at the scene had to communicate with them one by one, to convey them Sen music product concept and market positioning and development direction of the channel .


   micro-assessment: As we all know, Beijing Water Show is not only a showcase exhibition of water industry leading technology and innovative products, as well as industry heavyweights in the industry elite analysis point of view, the collision of ideas platform.

   # # products will be recommended


   net endless! Love overflow "water purification services +" mode to break trade barriers

   September 18, 2018, Wuhan Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd. love overflow in hand in Beijing RuiRoyal International Hotel held a product launch, one of the hot and cold water purifier as an intelligent leader, overflow love to carry a newly developed intelligent water purifier water purifier Things debut in this event, to show the honored guests of tough love overflow product strength, attractive marketing model and high-end brand image!


   micro-assessment: love overflow water purification services + ahead of this innovative new model of clean water, water purification industry for years to subvert the traditional marketing model, to solve the water industry several major marketing pain points, will usher in great prospects for development.

   campus drinking parties welcome turning point in standing together BOT model to build water purification scene of

   September 18, 2018, Fang Li in Beijing Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. co-grand hand in Beijing Rui Royal International Hotel held a large-scale product launches, honored guests from all over the net two industry agents, work together to witness the historic moment. As a world-renowned brand of water dispensers on campus, parties stand together in the market by virtue of years of accumulated experience in creating new products have been formed like users would like the pre-edge.


   micro-assessment: For a long time, how to solve the safety problems on campus drinking water, environmental protection and other issues have become a problem faced by many schools, it is learned, the Beijing Fang Li co-water treatment equipment Co., Ltd. has been sparing no effort to promote the campus drinking water equipment, to create the perfect campus healthy drinking water solutions.

   (Source: China Water Purifier Network)

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