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   the face of an increasingly competitive market environment, water purification agents will make some strategic changes in response to changes in the market, but these changes may not be able to get market recognition. And because the market compared to the agents apparently more passive. In fact, in the long run, agents need to have their own unique and irreplaceable capacity to address short-term break embarrassing problem. Then the water purification agents how to break it embarrassing aspects are summarized below, hope to help Agent makers:?


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   distribution of water purifiers break embarrassing one: improve profits through sales training models of the shopping guide.

   to improve the terminal sales force, engaged in promotion, when engaging in activities, you need to place the image on the terminal, the terminal demonstration effect and other aspects of support, including sales techniques terminal Purchasing Guide, grasp of product knowledge and other software support on. Winning end is always very important, as is currently done after the mainstream of the terminal Purchasing Guide 80, 90, professionalism, while not high, but the ability to innovate is very high, so the training methods should be emphasized, after all, people of different ages exchange different ways. Although more personal means of communication, but mastery of product knowledge is the same.

   improve the quality of personnel terminal shopping guide is very important. Purchasing Guide for product knowledge training mainly from manufacturers and dealers, and more to come from agents, so the agents to focus on training, by improving capacity and investment in this area than do lower the cost of promotional activities, but the benefits are higher. Because when engaging in activities, sales are high cost, but not very profitable products, and in respect of professional product knowledge, sales to customers are high-margin product models. The agent friend told reporters, in the same market environment, the different terminal Purchasing Guide the same area stores sold the product price is different, this is the problem Purchasing Guide marketing capabilities.


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   distribution of water purifiers break embarrassing II: profit sharing, mobilize the enthusiasm of the team.

   So how do you mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff it? In todays highly competitive market environment, water purifier, the test is the risk of the enterprise will increase the risk of facing, if we can take the risk sharing, profit sharing , to "work for us" realm, then effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff. Water purification agents now many companies in the industry throughCooperation, contracting and other innovative ways to build business core team, and the core team for the shares, making everyone just a little effort, they will naturally high-return model that allows key employees or customers and business grow together. Whether customers choose to cooperate with distributors, or to cooperate with the employees, by bundling interests effectively reduce labor costs, reached Baotuan winter effect.

   fierce competition in the water purification industry, increasing the cost of employee only, the kind of blindly want to reduce costs from employees Agents company can only be eliminated. But how to ensure that staff costs do not increase it? The only way is to profit sharing for employees to participate in the companys business, in order to reduce staff costs, ensure staff stability. Some brands take cost water purification contract system assessment methods, will put employees under financial power, to a monthly or quarterly to the clerk, Purchasing Guide marketing costs and a certain amount of authority for employees to be deployed. As long as employees can effectively do their own performance management, we will be able to improve the companys overall sales performance, increase their income, to tap the potential employees. During the high commission to employees, although the loss of profit margins, but the cost savings and reduce business risk.


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   Business purifier broken embarrassing three: by doing linear "will be purchased" cost efficiency.

   "will be purchased" activity-low threshold, low cost, easy to control, the effect is significant, is now widespread concern retailers, sometimes even directly by the manufacturers to engage in joint subsidiary with retailers across the agency business, sometimes by the agents involved. In fact, there are connections in the local agents to direct if they do, you can save intermediate circulation, profits diluted, direct faiths, but also effective measures to respond to market dull and weak. But agents do will be purchased directly requires more innovation, especially in terms of upstream resources to fight and control, and choice of products, the choice of internal units will be purchased, we need more innovation, and more energy, in order to achieve flat, digest the middle of the chain costs.

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