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In the past few years, AWE is not only the rapid development, ranks among the worlds three major exhibitions, but also continue to promote cross-border integration of traditional and emerging fields of home appliances, adhere to the creation of "customer value" as the goal, to promote the capital, science and technology, all-round and multi-level exchanges between the field of industry, and consumer channels. Over the past decade, built downstream on home appliances and consumer electronics industry chain, consumers, the media and investors share their stage, whether home appliances, consumer electronics, smart home, or networking, artificial intelligence and even mobile communications, real estate industry can be found here channels related contacts and communication.

   upcoming AWE2019 will be passed on to new trends and changes in the industry. In the March 14, 2019 - four days of 17 years, will see nearly 900 exhibitors at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, with 135,000 square meters of exhibition area, more than 30 million people welcomed the visitors, the industry has brought a new technology across many areas of kitchen appliances, consumer electronics, consumer appliances, electrical environment, intelligent products, HVAC products, traditional white power and spare parts, the new concepts and innovative products, so that exhibitors, distributors, consumers, and investors and entrepreneurs, the idea here to read the new technology, the development of insight into industry trends.

   Meanwhile, in order to better serve the audience, AWE2019 customer insight work carried out for the first time, for the purpose of visiting the exhibitions concept and demands, pre multiple dimensions of development research, in order to provide viewers with more attentive service and care, giving a better view of development experience and efficiency.


   In China, look at the global home appliances and consumer electronics trends

   home appliances and consumer electronics products have been deeply rooted in and change our daily lives, the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, leaving appliances provide a richer imagine a better life for people in the future. From the exhibitors are interested in learning dynamics, we believe AWE2019 facing the viewer will appear richer, the future of intelligent life scenes, but also will become home appliances and consumer electronics companies Competition latest technology, products and services of the show. For the industry, where you can either meet old and new friends, but also insight into the changes and the future direction of the industry.


   in the Chinese market this fertile land, not only to cultivate Haier, Midea, Huawei, Tencent, TCL, Hisense, Gree, Oaks, and other side too outstanding scientific and technological enterprise, a strong domestic market has also attracted Bosch, Siemens, AEG, Sony, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG and other international brands. World premiere will be more appear on the AWE booth, industry leaders think will be more deep, to share their insights on the AWE platform. AWE will lead the development direction and interpretation industry, more reflected in product differentiation, technological innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading.


   AWE2019, the interpretation of the wisdom of life

   in the scene

   AWE is not only a technological benchmark, more high-end wisdom appliances T station, the next frontier of science and technology in order to allow all users to participate in the annual feast of the global home appliances and consumer electronics, the organizers of "wisdom of life global platform" as the theme, created to cover the wisdom of life, wisdom, travel, entertainment, etc., for all the wisdom of exhibitors and visitors, the latest wave of global technology and cutting-edge intelligent life scenes. According to organizers, AWE2019 still attracted to Tencent, innovative workshops, Lenovo, GoPro, Union Brother and other Internet giants, innovation and investment institutions, as well as a large number of technology start-ups settled in science and technology parks, and more will join forces institutions and corporate travel aspect of wisdom, rich the connotation of the wisdom of life, in order to bring a more perfect experience for visitors.

   interpretation of the scientific and technological innovation

   to consumer electronics in TV, for example, display technology, content and hardware aspects of technological innovation will become Aspect AWE2019 Sony from Japan and South Koreas Samsung , Sharp, Panasonic, LG and so on from Chinas Skyworth, Hisense, Changhong, TCL will be popular laser TV technology, large screen color TV, 8K TV products and artificial intelligence to move AWE site. Today, Sharp is no longer a brand in the "champions" 8K TV, on the upcoming AWE2019, more color TV giants will showcase new TV series 8K.

   In addition, with face recognition, voice interaction, custom artificial intelligence capabilities to accommodate TV color TV manufacturers also show focus, Hisense, Changhong, TCL will use the technical skill, for everyone to bring a smart home field of the visual feast. Hisense laser TV, for example, not only to further reduce costs, in terms of display brightness, are greatly improved horizon length, and equipped with a new VID HisenseAA AI artificial intelligence system, the whole scene has a powerful voice and the whole scene graph search function, a "replacement preferred" Chinese consumers living room TV.

   review AWE2018, the United States proposed a "new generation man-machine" development strategy, trying to big data and artificial intelligence to drive, to give the product, machine, process and so on perception, decision-making ability. At the same time, also launched the "one week microcrystalline fresh" new technology, refrigerator and washing machine to show focus on the smart, intelligent kitchen.

   In AWE2019, artificial intelligence is still the focus of enterprise development. Haier, for example, already focus on smart home scene of the show, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen and maternal and child health feeding a variety of smart home subdivision scene, Haier refrigerator wisdom through the reconstruction of the ecosystem, integration of the worlds more than 400 third-party resource providers, from raw ingredients plantations, inspection and quarantine, food purchasing, cold chain transport and other sectors, to provide users with a one-stop gourmet ecological wisdom of experience.


   demonstrate product differentiation

   With the rise of Chinas home appliance market strategy and global distribution of deepening Chinese products gradually to the world, the brand also entered the world China. In order to satisfy the consumption upgrade, users in China increasingly discerning needs, whether foreign or domestic brands brands are eyeing product differentiation. From AWE2018 point of view, the two Chinese home appliance giant Haier and beauty, though they are white start, but the deepening of differentiated development path. The United States spent more effort in robotics and global business, Haier is one step closer in the wisdom of the family.

   Haier smart home, for example, by a "4 + 7 + N" composition wise home, including the large physical space 4, i.e. the wisdom of the living room, kitchen wisdom, wisdom bathroom, bedroom wisdom; 7 air, seven elements of water and other solutions; N is the user to freely customize according to habit.

   and then to the kitchen power, for example, Chinese companies also showed striking differences layout. Since the last 20 years, Fang Taiji in its own high-end brand, technological innovation, ingenuity Seiko differentiated core competencies, while the continuation of the high-end kitchen electric upstream position, continues to introduce new embedded micro Zhengkao, sink dishwasher, magnetization thermostat water heaters and other differentiated products to AWE.

   is also reflected in the difference AWE2019 there will be more companies to show high-end products with technical superiority and quality advantages, leading the transformation of the global high-end home appliance industry.

   drive industry transformation

   As the "post-85" and "90" new generation of people gradually become the main force in consumer, home appliance industry is also facing the transformation and upgrading,

   quality of , intelligent, personalized, diversified consumer characteristics become increasingly prominent, that can improve the living experience of the emerging home appliances become the new driving force for market growth. AWE is visible everywhere in the outcome of home appliances and consumer electronics industry and networking, big data and artificial intelligence technologies depth of integration. In the context of the transformation and upgrading, and how to inject new vitality into the traditional brand? Oaks made an example for the industry. On the AWE, Oaks focused technology innovation, quality build the core competitiveness, such as TS continued to show rapid hot and cold technology, innovation Hydro- automatic washing technology, health, intelligence and other areas by consumers.

   In addition, early Gree diversified, quality, intelligent development. In terms of smart home, Gree is based on product diversification and smart home as a starting point to explore the development direction of research home consumer electronics, communications and industrial control chip, chip research and development independent intellectual property rights.

   in-depth customer insight, enhance the exhibition experience with viewers and efficiency

   It is worth mentioning that the decision-making AWE proportion of visitors rising year by year. As the core of the exhibition resources, AWE visitors accounted for 77%: while jobs and job-related decision-making authority of trade visitors also increased dramatically. Therefore, in order to provide more efficient, more convenient experience to visit the professional audience, AWE first start viewer insight into the services that the pre-show research.

   According to organizers, before the show will be pre-survey questionnaire to carry out the registration form to a broad professional audience and to better improve and upgrade services for the real demands of the show. With a view to visitors, exhibitors as well as upstream and downstream industries and enterprises build bridges and create more value for the audience to provide basis for decision making, resources, and business meetings to facilitate docking activities to enhance concept development experience and exhibitors efficiency.

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