Water purifier installation is free to pay tentiono csumfrau

   Even if the sky fell pie, do not easily believe that, behind the pie is perhaps a trap. Recently, members of the public to reflect their own downstairs close to the notice "limited home free installation of water purification machine", inscribed for the water company. Such impressive things that make a cell owners are very puzzled, feeling encountered a liar.




water purifier installation is free to pay attention to consumer fraud (Photo from Internet)

   door free installation of water purifiers?

   [123 ] "for the implementation of the national spirit of healthy drinking water, improve the drinking water quality, promote the installation of a dedicated free zone based water purifier" notice appeared in a district of Changsha. The said notification, on-site installation of water purifier using physical principles of purification, mineral water retention safety, solution sediment, scale, rust, organic compounds, such as precious metals and part of the E. coli produced water, soften water to improve the taste, the effluent at any time fresh, sweet, tasty, you can drink straight, effective care of human health.

   "limit each family brought a" such words, very attractive, and water purifiers there are so many benefits, so many owners a little heart. However, people doubt that, notice is payable to the "water users", but it is inscribed never heard of such and such a water company.

   free of water purifiers have to pay a deposit?

   Reporters call the reservation phone installed on the notification. After the call is connected, a woman introduced their so-called campaign to reporters. Putonghua on by women with an obvious southern accent, reporters learned about water purifier is free onsite installation, free for life, but in order to prevent the process of using the user disassemble, users have to pay 700 yuan deposit. "Our water purifier original price is 1980 yuan, six months after the deposit refunded." The woman told reporters.

   When a reporter asked about the activity is not engaged in the municipal water company, the women told their company name is "xx Water Equipment Installation Co., Ltd.", the company is in a local address. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, is now engaged in activities here.

   Such a water purifier installed free activities and more to be a hoax

   end of the line saying what is true or false? Reporter online search, in fact, a similar door selling water purifier scam in the country too, but all kinds of complicated tricks scamAnd more people keep track of. The most typical trick is, after someone posing as free onsite staff to install water purifiers, water purifiers and claim free of charge, but requires a portion of the deposit, refunded a few months, once the tenants to pay a deposit, would like to contact these "staff on "difficult. These "high tech" water purifier, and some even trademark, manufacturer and other information are not, simply the "three noes" products.

   Subsequently, the reporter contacted the city water company concerned. Official says, they never cooperate with any water purification businesses to sell products, special to the general public to guard against fraud. If you encounter a similar situation and I do not know true and false, you can consult water service hotline or visit our website.

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