Water purifier market chaos! Do not be fooled business

  Recently, along with some water pollution incident was exposed, the public safety concerns for water quality is also increasing, water purifiers began to receive more and more consumers. However, the effect of water purifier in the end how, if it is true, as the hype like "magic"? Purifier using secondary pollution process, whether to avoid?

   the concept of speculation can not be trusted

   in Taobao store electrical survey and found that the current water purifier on the market under various names, there are water machine, reverse osmosis dozen straight drink machine, ultrafiltration water purification machines and other pipe and into the leading water purifier , a countertop water purifiers, wall-mounted water purifiers, water purifiers and other cabinet under a variety of styles, from the price of ten thousand dollars to tens of dollars.

   Some manufacturers even put forward the concept of "health care" is. A certain brand of water purifiers claim to effectively remove the body of acidic toxins, balance the pH of body fluids, prevent disease and slow the aging of human cells. "Water purifier health functions is impossible, certainly in the concept of speculation." Beijing Institute of Public Health Drinking Water Managing Director Zhao Feihong said.

   whether water purifier really like the hype that "magic"?

   visited the three electronics store, the sales staff also repeatedly stressed the so-called "drinking water" concept, that is, from water purifiers purify water without any processing, can be directly consumed. In this regard, Zhao Feihong said: "This is impossible because the water purifier with the increase in use of time, will increase the pollution of the water quality, direct drinking there is a big risk."

   secondary pollution risk H

   "purifier after a period of time will cause secondary pollution, pipes, equipment likely to be bacterial contamination." Zhao Feihong said secondary pollution is the biggest problem in the water purifier use, need attention.

   "only water purifier filter changed regularly in order to avoid possible secondary pollution, water quality can be safeguarded, otherwise water purifier will become water filter." Zhao Feihong that under normal circumstances, PP cotton filter life of one to two months, carbon filter cycle is from 3 to 6 months, ultrafiltration (UF) filter life of 24 months, a reverse osmosis (RO) filter life 36 months. ?

   So, how to buy a water purifier Zhao Feihong it reminded consumers should note the following:

   First, depending on the water quality and demand selection filter. southSide due to heavy metals in water content very little option of using ordinary filter water purification equipment; the north due to more heavy metals in water, hard water, suggested the use of a reverse osmosis type water purifier. If you press the needs of the body, it is recommended for most families buy water purifiers ultrafiltration membrane.

   The second is whether the product concerned health permits. Each brand, each model of water purifier has only one health permits batch.

   Third, choose a sound after-sales service of the regular brand. When consumers buy products in addition to ask for formal invoice, but also require manufacturers or vendors to issue specific shelf life warranty.

   In addition, consumers must pay attention to whether the product 3C certification at the time of purchase. As electrical products, 3C certification purifier represents its safety in use process.

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