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   Note the use of reverse osmosis water purifier with the people now living standards continue to improve, the importance of health and quality of life, people on the daily drinking water needs have been from the initial quench their thirst; now focus on the development of safe drinking water needs ; then to pursue scientific and reasonable healthy drinking water. The development of home water purification industry is in line to meet the peoples pursuit of healthy drinking water.

   The reverse osmosis water purification precautions is a water purifier using a multi-stage filter apparatus for water purification water purification process, the process is often used without addition of chemical substances by filtration, adsorption, reverse osmosis and other physical method. Water purifiers represent a more healthy and modern lifestyle, then, in the growing popularity of water purifiers, we pay attention to what matters in the purchase and use of water purifiers time for it?




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   [a] Note: the water purifier shopping guide recommended

   Seisensui recommended when you purchase a home water purifier, to choose those strong enterprise strength, high brand awareness, improve service products. This is based on two considerations, first of all it is to ensure the implementation of after-sales service, because water purifier is a household appliance, after-sales service is very important. It is recommended that you buy some time to buy brand name goods. Followed by consideration from the quality, because of the strong corporate strength, high water purifier brand awareness, relatively speaking, the quality is relatively stable. Such companies not only strong technical force, but also special attention to the quality of their own, to buy such a product quality is guaranteed.

   [Note 2]: the regular maintenance of the water purifier

   When the water purifier is not used for long periods, should be stored on the discharge shut off all power, water, and then water machine when the water purifier used continuously for several months, the user should store the water purifier according to the situation of water discharged all at once, this will play a role in cleaning, scrub the surface of the water purifier should be used a number of neutral detergent.

   [Note] three: normal use of the water purifier

   When the water purifier starts, should be connected to water, the water purifier pipeline inspection, and then power, such as the need to stop using the water purifier, the power should be turned off, and then turned off water. Purifier during long-term use electricity, water, since the water purifier having automatic control functions such as power and water may often affect water purificationThe normal use of the device. When using water purifiers, it should be required to regularly replace the filter at all levels, to ensure the life and water quality water purifier.

   [Note] four: Nissan water flow of the water purifier

   a reverse osmosis membrane for a water purifier according to its flow into Nissan 35GPD, 60GPD, 80GPD, 100GPD several specifications (wherein "GPD" 24 Hour represents how many gallons of pure water, 1 gallon of about 3.785 liters, the reverse osmosis membrane 24 Hour 60GPD 227 liters of pure water), Nissan water flow coincides with a reverse osmosis membrane of the water purifier. However, the actual permeate flow water purification conditions but also by the pressure of the raw water, the raw water temperature, wherein the temperature is influenced by the raw water. Thus, resulting in high summer water purifier water production, water production low winter phenomenon. Buy water purifiers, first a very important point is to understand water purifier water production, water purifier general sales staff, rarely clearly tell customers water production and meaning.

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