Water purification industry substandard product recall why i

   According to South Korean media reports said the plaintiff group consisting of 160 consumers sued a home appliance manufacturer in Korea, and claims 1.6 billion won (US $ 1.4 million). It is reported that this brand produced ice is detected purifier containing nickel metal element, according to the number of users is estimated at about 87,000 people. In this regard, the brand in its official website published July 4 letter of apology, take a preliminary inspection, service, repair, returned and other measures.




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   In fact, not only in Korea, focusing public events triggered by the water purifier product safety issues are not uncommon in China.

   in mid-July, Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee comparison a commercially available test results revealed a water purifier, a water purifier security product is not ideal, the presence of heavy metals exceeded some products, easy to breed a microorganism, poor water purification effect security issues. Among them, Pb, Cd, Hg and three of a certain brand of water purification ultrafiltration machine are more than incremental value, which exceeded 16.8 times cadmium, lead exceeded nearly 7 times, there is also the product of excessive oxygen consumption, and many other value-added problem. After the incident, responded companies, for handling products has become a problem of consumers, the media, industry professionals and the general interest.

   is a problem with the product companies deal with China and South Korea very different ways

   In interviews live Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee and purifier companies for the problem of heavy metals exceeded, a company representative said in response, the question belong to the individual issue, the company has launched a batch of logistics traceability, the user will be involved in the sale of the lot and shopping center inventory inventory. Second, re-testing sales of the product types in order to determine whether the batch problem. It is reported that another one of the same companies involved in excessive heavy metals did not send personnel to participate in the briefing.

   responsible person pointed out that after the results announcement, the companies often justify said to be the case. "But we call on businesses to take timely issue the recall, the shelf measures against the products in question, and jointly promote product safety."

   differ from the arising from either Chinese companies, Korean companies have chosen a product recall, and commitment to health problems caused by the use of consumer products arising in charge, and said it would no longer produce security problems of water purifiers. exceptBeyond this, even if the customer does not purchase such water purifier, if you want to termination or returned products, the company will actively cooperate.

   after the issue broke, although consumers in Korea early this enterprise was accused of inefficient operations, but to respond to the attitudes and behavior recall enterprise has become very clear.

   Chinese companies take the initiative to recall the resistance still exists

   in my country since the "defective consumer product recall management approach" implementation of seven months, defective consumer product recall has achieved some results. At the same time, the attitude and response measures to solve the problem of water purifier business point of view, do not take the initiative to fulfill the obligation to recall the phenomenon still exists.

   there are industry analysis, said the recall approach to the development of the country has just implemented soon, so the whole market, businesses and consumers are not very familiar with the recall. Moreover, consumer recall is the "Regulations", did not form a significant deterrent effect on related businesses.

   system is indeed very important factor, but it should be noted that the recall of defective products and the main responsibility for implementation of the main producers are short-sighted behavior of enterprises is the most important factor hindering the smooth implementation of the product recall. In China, many companies fear damage to corporate reputation, we feel hesitate to defect product recalls.

   In addition, the development of product recalls also depends on improving the operation of the entire system. While the main responsibility for defective product recall and implement all the main manufacturers, consumers, public opinion and the national regulatory authorities of the defective product recall the role can not be ignored.

   In this regard, AQSIQ will further strengthen publicity and training for producers, helping producers enhance the awareness of the recall fulfill legal obligations, social responsibility, increase the concealment of a defect, does not fulfill the obligations of producers recall responsibility and intensity of exposure; on the other hand, strengthen publicity and education of consumers. Will further smooth channels for complaints, reports and timely initiative to mobilize consumer product defect information, the initiative with a defect investigation and recall, and continuously improve product safety awareness and social responsibility, create everyone concerned, everyone involved in the recall of defective products work in a good atmosphere.

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