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   water purification process used will inevitably fail to find the cause in order to better solve the problem. Why PE pipe with a long, small connectivity president of the moss? Why water purifier home water purification effect is not very obvious? Why is the water flow will be too small, the joint will leak? If you also happen with these questions, this detailed below failure analysis of water purifiers and recommend solutions, will let you benefit from the infinite.




When a knowledgeable "repairer" strike purifier need not worry

   1, PE pipes, small communication moss.

   purifier PE pipes, small communication moss, main reason for this is that the line is too long PE pipe exposed to direct sunlight, and the like is not fitted to the casing. Water purifiers are typically not installed outdoors, because water temperature of the water purifier normally 5-40 鈩? PE pipe connected to a small communication may not violent Sai in the sun, if it proves necessary outside the wire barrel, the line pipe must be installed in the PVC casing, for installation outdoors water purifier must be installed in the shade rain ceiling. PE pipe is preferably made not too long, if the water from the installation point too far away or may be PPR pipe UPVC water pipe connected to the water supply point, and then install the water purifier.

   2, out of the water purification effect is not obvious.

   water purifier required water for municipal tap water, if the water purifier dealing not meet the requirements of water quality, water purification effect can cause a bad phenomenon. Where the use of groundwater as a source of water, the older residential areas, water pipe or galvanized pipe before, because of the time too long, galvanized pipe is aging, rusty, muddy water. In this situation encountered in water quality, it is recommended not directly mounted water filter, to remove the source water sand, rust and other coarse filtration method. Otherwise, these are easily contaminated and clogged water filter in the water or not caused by poor water purification phenomenon filter.

   Solution: To detect water pressure but also on the quality of the water for testing prior to installation of water if the water quality does not meet the requirements, to communicate with the user, it is recommended before the installation in front of the water purifier -filters. If the water used is the users home or underground water reservoir, in front of the water purifier must install prefilter.




When a knowledgeable "repairer" NetWater of strike not worry

   3, the shell membrane rupture, leakage of carbon, high or low pressure.

   water pressure of the water purifier is 0.1mpa-0.35mpa, low water pressure will affect the amount of water; excessive pressure will cause membrane damage. The most common low-voltage switch leakage, leakage of activated carbon, activated carbon shell, shell membrane rupture etc, related to the water pressure is too large.

   Solution: When customers install the water purifier, prior to installation, we must first measure the water pressure to ensure that water pressure within the range of water purifier, water pressure is too high, should communicate with users, plus loaded pressure relief valve. Water pressure is too low to recommend that users install the pressure-increasing pump.

   If the pressure does not match the requirements of the users home water purifier, to communicate with the user to install a pressure reducing valve or booster pump when the user does not accept the proposal we presented, due to pressure caused by maintenance (carbon leakage, rupture of the shell membrane, the water becomes small, no water, etc.), will be charged the cost of materials and maintenance fees, and noted on the warranty card, it requires the user to sign it.

   4, leaking joints.

   Analysis: excessive water pressure; improper operation, such as the need raw material with plugs, whether complete Shanghao pad ring linker.

   5, the motor does not start without SYSTEM water

   possible reasons: 鈶?insufficient raw water pressure; 鈶?high or low pressure switch failure; 鈶?transformer burning fuse; 鈶?a motor damage

   Resolve Countermeasures: 鈶?to improve the raw water pressure; 鈶?repair or replacement of the high and low voltage switchgear; 鈶?replace the transformer fuse; 鈶?repair motor

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