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   Statistics show that the first is because many people do not know, do not care, do not care, have not done their homework related, I have never thought about this issue it is not replaced. I do not know the so-called innocence. So, when you say that if the water purifier filter replacement topic with them, they will look surprised when you looked at it, said: "?? Ah I really do not know Jesus."

   second, think about when we buy water purifier, a lot of businesses in order to sell their own products and exaggerated, says home sales do not change the water filter cartridge. Many consumers will find this nice, easy. But this is not only misleading, but also may cause harm. Here it must be noted that: do not need to change the filter water purifier currently does not exist. Long-term use does not replace the filter in addition to making it less effective, and ultimately make us drink unhealthy water, thereby jeopardizing our health.

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   Third, troublesome. Like why would flicker consumers, "we do not need to change the filter," the business as it is for consumer demand to seize the same, want to pursue once and for all. It should be noted that many brands to replace the filter is provided on-site replacement service.

   to purchase a water purifier really wanted to make an addition for their own health, to harm subtraction, if the addition becomes subtraction, it is sour. Filter life directly affects the water quality, only replace the filter regularly, in order to guarantee the efficiency of water purifier filter impurities, so long-term protection of water quality health.

   In a word, you want to drink clean water, buy water purifier at the same time, be sure not to forget to periodically replace the water filter cartridge, otherwise you more harm than good.

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