Water quality management technology trends
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1. From a global perspective the inevitable trend of water quality management for quite some time past, in the authority of the UN and World Bank report published in the issue of drinking water, the use of a "lack of clean and safe drinking water "," unsafe water, "a class of words, there is no" position of the concept of quality. " "Pollution" originally refers to poor water quality reasons or elephant, from the development of the United States of view, there is in fact the same process on water quality awareness in the United States and other advanced countries, the law very well in the US legal system, the United States until 1965 only water bill "WaterQualityAct", to the 1972 establishment of the national water quality Committee (NationalCommissiononWaterQuality), and the international water pollution control Association (IAWPC) renamed the international water quality Association (IAWQ) to "quality" as the word, but also illustrates the process of cognition Chinas development can learn from these experiences, and take the road of development by leaps and bounds, the concept of water quality management. 2, water quality problems are the lack of water resources mainly in the form of water is the most basic concept, we must recognize that the most important issue of water resources is a contemporary water quality, water quality is generally deteriorated. National per capita share of water resources and water-scarce countries spread widely from the rankings this type of authoritative information on only the amount of water in the water so he believes is the most important issue of water resources, water quality and reach a certain standard of water resources, water Bodo does not have use value, may also have different degrees of harm. Many of Chinas rivers and lakes of water, is water quality problems caused. We call it water shortage, water quality type water scarcity become the main form. From the statistical point of view the actual damage caused by water quality problems, has actually exceeded flood losses. 3. Water quality management goal of Chinas per capita water resources is only 2200m3, only a quarter of the world average, ranking No. 82 in 132 countries, which of course is a grim fact, but even more serious is that, due to the water quality the average poor use value content China lm3 water will not only far lower than some previous ranking in developed countries, developing countries will be lower than the back of the rankings. Through decades of development and exploration, and gradually entered the era of water management, water quality management through, not only lm3 water can preserve its full value, but also in the process of re-usable played a role in more than 1m3, FromAnd enhance the carrying capacity of water environment, improve the ecological carrying capacity of water, the effective protection of the water environment, to maintain the good condition of the natural cycle and social cycle of water, continuing to meet socio-economic development overall demand for water, which is the goal of water quality management. We have all kinds of water resource management tools used with all water quality management features, such as urban centralized sewage treatment, water environment and so divided functional areas of water, is to solve different water quality, to meet the different needs, achieve development and demand the purpose of the balance. 4. urban water sustainable development strategy must be based on water quality management as the foundation of our work in water quality management, we must adhere to in order to ensure water quality for the city center, the principle of pollution control focused, really good job in sewage treatment and water conservation work; must adhere to the principle of streamlining and management in water, withered moving business, industry and government departments in charge of the initiative, give full play to the national water quality Center, national station, where standing industry monitoring and supervisory role of the executive management of water quality, draw on advanced foreign water quality inspector system, to achieve urban water management system with Chinese characteristics. The content of urban water supply water quality management of urban water supply as a means of production and subsistence, the water quality should be able to meet different types of users use; as a commodity, the water quality should be consistent with the statutory quality standards. This is the core issue of urban water supply water quality management is also an important aspect of management needs. Water quality depends not only on the merits of the water quality of water sources, but also on the water treatment plant water technology, water supply facilities, water supply network transmission and distribution systems, and therefore urban sewage treatment, protection of water supply, water quality control, It should be an important part of quality management.


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