Tea stains on how to remove ceramic cup
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   there will be a ceramic cup tea stains appear, then the tea stains on ceramic cup how to remove? Wen Xiao Bian for your Weapon.




using a ceramic cup in peoples lives more, in fact, also ceramic cups and other cup of tea will be left as dirt, then tea scale how to handle it? Our next Xiao Bian tea stains and chat with you on how to remove ceramic cup.


1, with lemon


sometimes run into the old dirt Chen, how scrub brush does not clean all the time, how to do it? Do not worry! This time we might find in the kitchen looking for with leftover lemon, or after eating orange peel to lose it! coffee cup, use a little vinegar or lemon slices to wipe the rim, and if ceramic cup, we can put lemon slices, wrapped in cloth coffee pot into the upper part, with water added to the full. In a manner to cook boiled Lemon Lemon, the cooked and then poured into a ceramic cup cleaning lemonade. After


2, with the salt


Ye Hao, whether salt or coarse salt is also OK, can help us remove the tea stains on ceramic cup, we can use finger picks, in brush back and forth over the tea stains, Needless to two or three minutes you will find tea stains magically disappear too! but also easy to hurt the cup body.


By the above, I hope you bring help to your life, about what kind of drink cups safest knowledge, please visit our search, you will be pleasantly surprised to find more families drinking water Tips to make in us.




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