Yan Zhirong was promoted to executive vice president of Amwa
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   In order to further promote the 2025 strategy Amway, through superior digital technology and the overall product experience to accelerate the pace of business growth, March 5, 2018, Amway Corporation announced that Mr. Yan Zhirong, Amway Greater China president since March 15, 2018 since he was promoted to executive vice president and president of Amway Amway Greater China. In addition, Mr. Audie Wong Amway (China) president will be held May 1, 2018 Emeritus, served as president of Amway (China) by the current post, Ms. Amway Greater China chief marketing officer for more than put.



   Mr. Yan Zhirong Amway in 1993, has served in the post-production operations, marketing, research and development and a series of management positions, was promoted to president of Greater China in 2009. During his tenure, president of Amway Greater China, led the Chinese market to go in cutting-edge digital experiences. After he was promoted Mr. Yan Zhirong, Amway will be fully responsible for global digital, marketing, research and development, and continue to lead the Amway Greater China region.

   Mr. Audie Wong joined Amway in 1981, since 2001 as Amway (China) president, serving up to 37 years in Amway time. During his tenure, Mr. Audie Wong with a wealth of experience, Amway has made remarkable contributions to sustainable development in the Greater China region. Mr. Audie Wong is a senior direct marketing industry experts, China contributed a lot to the development of the direct selling industry.

   Ms. Yu put the 2000 Amway (China), have been responsible for corporate communications, public affairs, since 2014, has served as chief marketing officer of Amway Greater China. During his tenure, Ms. Yu put the focus portfolio management, brand building, while opening up the digital and experiential marketing new front, adding impetus to the business development of marketing partners.

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