Water purifier strengthen planning to build its own diffces
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   When enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition in the domestic counterparts, among companies imitate one another speed suddenly accelerated. Water purification industry also caught in the homogenization of encirclement, the major brands to imitate each other, featureless, indifference, and lack of product innovation capability of SMEs, but to imitate the big brands, leading to rampant cottage style, thereby damaging the reputation of the whole industry .




water purifier strengthen planning to build its own differences

   First, the water purification industry products, technology and brand homogeneity is serious

   water purification industry, homogenization shadow over the industry, all aspects of the enterprise, it is no exaggeration to say that homogeneity in the water purification industry everywhere. From innovation to product, from marketing to management, from design to brand, and even trademarks are just like twins. Due to years of homogenization of development, resulting in insufficient water purification industry design, product design lack of personality, lack of own brand-building power industry due to homogenization, which puts a price war whirlpool, low-level redundant construction, a reminder of production overcapacity. Launch of innovative products, the product is a culmination of the public began to become civilians, although God does not like, but the shape of a combination of price, once obsessed with so many innovative companies feel helpless.

   The more serious of homogenization, the water purifier manufacturers to become bigger, the greater the need for innovation and stronger, because this is the optimal efficiency stands out in thousands of manufacturers in the way . Although innovation is facing some risks, but there are still some manufacturers stick to the road of innovation and has been recognized by the market.

   Second, the rapid development of water purification industry lead the industry impetuous

   In recent years, can be used to describe the growth and development of the whole brutal water purification industry, it is such a situation, so that the entire industry more impulsive. The entire water purification industry business does not require much research and development, simple imitation can be divided in the rapid development of the above share. Simple can be made to follow the development, we can profit from this trend of rapid development of the above. Many water purifier brand has made a place not own strengths and focus on the market, more of a catch up with the rapid development of water purification industry the most gold. Such a development environment, can be said that the entire industry homogenization hotbed.

   It is understood that, in order to better stimulate innovation capability of enterprises, the government on the one hand to strengthen the protection of intellectual property; the otherFace to give innovative companies the ability to help more on the policy and funding.

   Third, water purifier manufacturers need to strengthen the brand strategy planning

   no brand business development strategic planning, resulting in another key reason for homogenization. Water purification industry is not planning to brand its own brand positioning and future development. This results in a direct result of industry brand image, brand association and convergence. The most typical example is when some companies great success in the water purifier, other companies continue to follow-up.

   In this regard, the experts pointed out, the best way to break the homogenization phenomenon is the implementation of "differences in management." The so-called differences in management, is designed to build their own stores unique differences, advantages and features it has competitors do not have, so as to occupy an irreplaceable position in the minds of consumers.

   fade impetuous water purifier manufacturers need to strengthen the planning, so as to swirl away from homogenization.

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