Over 60% of households purchased a new middle-class uld wate
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"new middle class" is the word increasingly appear in the media and the public in the field of vision. Chinas new middle class population has achieved some economic independence, they have a sense of belonging, a sense of security and believe they are the backbone of this society. The new middle class population has a relatively consistent tonal lifestyle, "quality" and "personality" is mentioned most of their keywords. The new middle class is a group of smart consumers, they are not so sensitive to price, but more concerned about the price of the product and experience a sense. For the new middle class, they do not need the aid of LOGO label to prove their identities, but to return to the pursuit of the nature of goods - Better Life.


Chinas new middle class wealth profiles


According to the Hurun Research Institute, "Chinas new middle circle White Paper" definition of Chinese middle class: they are in the family basic necessities such as basic living expenditure is removed, social groups still have high spending power and investment capacity. (Middle-class families the basic consumption expenditure accounted for average annual household disposable income less than 50%) set specific, in the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-tier cities annual household income of more than 30 million, 200,000 more than in other cities.


According to statistics, as of August 2018, the number of middle class families in China has reached 33.2 million. Among them, Beijing is the most middle-class families have the city, followed by Shanghai. The number of middle-class families Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai, three provinces accounted for 50% of the country (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). A regional perspective, the size of middle-class families in east Chinas largest, accounting for more than 40%, reaching 14.89 million.


"new middle class" in addition to have a good family income and wealth conditions outside, but also have a good educational background, a stable living environment and other conditions. On the whole, the new middle class of about 30% of the total size of the middle class, the new middle-class families need the net assets of 300 million or more, at least one set of permanent possession of the property, as well as the best private car. According to statistics, the number of mainland Chinese middle class families has reached 33.2 million, which produced more than 10 million in new.

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   Chinas new middle class population portrait


the new middle class population as a whole is very positive, either for work or family life, and are very strong on their own pursuit of personal spiritual and subjective self-identify as middle class identity. According to statistics, Chinas new middle class population average age of 35 years old, 80 is the main force of the new middle class, Followed by 70 and 90. They are generally well educated, most people have a bachelor degree or above. They focused on popular industry TMT (technology / media / communications), etc., some people have been promoted to managers or engaged in professional freelancers. Most of them married with children, nearly one-fifth of which married people have a second child, childrens education becomes a topic outside of their work are most concerned about. At the same time, they are concerned about investment, understand the rational allocation of their wealth. They are no longer satisfied "there is room car shopping free" material gain, but focused more on the quality of spiritual life.

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   Chinese concept of happiness new middle of


the new middle class population overall well-being strong, 75% of the new middle class said he was "very happy", their own family life and I feel more satisfied with their careers. Especially the younger generation after 90 new middle class, both for the future economic development or career development are feeling optimistic, they have to be creative and assertive yearning for freedom. 80 new middle assumed how the pressure increased significantly, they are in the business of growing or mature, attaches great importance to invest in themselves, and begin to take responsibility and caring for parents bringing up their children, they strive to strike a balance between work and family. The new middle-class life trajectory of 70 have been attributed to stable, it is in lifes most mature stage, life experience, financial ability and personal integrity are in peak condition, they also focus on self-investment, but more is reflected increase in cultural spirit . It is worth mentioning, living in the second and third tier cities in the new middle class population well-being significantly higher than the first-tier cities.


concept of the new middle-class Chinese consumers


the new middle-class people are willing to invest more in the sensory experiences of life and self-improvement level. For them, daily consumption is no longer a basis for functionality and price tags, but to demonstrate their quality and taste of life. The new middle class consumer population is more rational than the price they are more concerned about the inherent quality of consumer goods and can give them extra value.


Two new middle leisure entertainment crowd is the most popular tourism (53%) and sports and fitness (40%). They attach great importance to physical and mental health and body management, maintain a high degree of enthusiasm for sports and fitness. Among them, the 90 most actively in sports and fitness, over half of the motion 4 or more times per week. In the past two years, the new middle class population average of five non-official travel, leisureVacation trips, (69%), followed by family travel (37%). The new middle-class population average family tourist spending 74,000 yuan / year, 18% of annual household spending even more than 100,000 yuan.

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   China financial outlook of the new middle class


from anxiety for the middle class status, they are worried about "falling behind" and fall from the middle class, so they are eager to continue to accumulate wealth solid or existing walks of life into a higher class. They have an average of 1.08 million yuan investable financial assets, "how to manage money" is the focus of their lives. The new middle-class people mainly in the finance and investment "asset steady growth" for the purpose of (74%), followed by "capital protection" (23%). Currently in the configuration financial products, they chose to traditional financial products, new Internet financial supplement. But for the placement of household savings funds will be anxious for help by professional financial services institutions finance and investment intentions very strong (85%).

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Chinas new middle class anxiety


in a variety of anxiety the new middle class population, the main focus in their childrens education (45%), investment banking (42%), followed by distribution career development (27%), health care (26%), parents pension (17%) and so on. Have a good educational background of the new middle class paid special attention to their childrens education. In the past year, the new middle-class families spend an average of 90,000 yuan childrens education. Up to 93% of new middle-class parents have been preparing plans and even the future of their children to study abroad and a series of planning. In the future study age children, over half of the new middle-class parents want their children abroad to study at the university level, 22% of parents choose high school. In addition, the second child in a hot topic, with the second child well-being is directly proportional to the wishes, happiness stronger, more willing to second child.


Chinas new middle class household consumer price index


To fully understand Chinese new consumer trends in new middle-class household consumption behavior and Analysis home, Sina home start "Chinas new middle class household consumer price index report." 102,368 copies of this report based on real-time online questionnaire, the dimension of the city, age, gender, household income and area of 鈥嬧€媟esidence, insight into the whole picture of Chinas new middle-class family home consumer groups. Diversity and large based on detailed data, the survey focused on covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, HangzhouState, Wuhan, Chengdu and other core second and third tier cities and major cities, while the analytical characteristics of consumer behavior in Chinas new middle-class family home in the dimension of gender, age, furniture, building materials, design, decoration. In order to accurately comprehensive coverage of the whole of Chinas new middle class consumer groups, Sina home as within Chinas domestic industrys largest and most influential media platform, from the "crowd-portrait", "behavior" and "demand preferences" perspectives assessment analysis of the new middle-class home consumer trends, industry to bring more clarity to the high-end market interpretation.


Section portraits of people involved in the investigation users


sex ratio: 68% of male users, female users accounted for 32%.


Age distribution: 40-45 years 32%; 35% 30-35 years; 35-40, 19%; 11% 25-30 years; 3% over 45 years

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educated distribution: Bachelor 51%; tertiary accounted for 26%; masters degree accounted for 12%; Dr. 3%; other 6%


occupational distribution: company staff accounted for 57%; entrepreneurs 9%; freelancers 8%; the other 13%

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city distribution: first-tier cities (north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen) accounted for 50%; new first-tier cities (Chengdu, Hangzhou, Chongqing, etc.) accounting for 25%; other cities accounted for 25% of the


family membership: two homes accounted for 22%; family of three (48%); family of four, 18 percent; single people accounted for 12%; [123 ]

鏂颁腑浜? src= sedans price: 100,000 or less 18%; 25% Wan 10-15; 150,000 to 200,000, 30%; 16% of 200,000 to 300,000; 300,000 or more accounted for 4%; no purchase 7%


   household income: 300,000-400,000, 60%; 40-50 Wan 25%; 500,000 or more accounted for 15%;


鏂颁腑浜у灞呮秷璐? src= housing area: 100 square meters or 54%; 90-100 square meters account for 15%; 20% 80-90 meters; 70-80 meters 4%; 4% 60-70 meters; 60 m below 3%;


   room own property attributes: the new 80%, 20% secondary housing;


   copy number of proprietary housing: a suite 45%; 30% two suites; three suites20%; three more than 5%;


鏂颁腑浜? src= Summary: seen from the above data, user participation in this survey is in line with the majority of the positioning of Chinas new middle-class families.

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