Subvert reform has become the focus of thcurrentinking of Wo
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   domestic water purifier industry has gone through years of development and precipitation in recent years, the market is more mature, especially in the competition "intense" moment, with the electricity supplier, channel sink, innovation and transformation and other topics, and both penetration the water purification industry. And subvert reform has become the focus of the current thinking of World War II where the water purification industry.




to reverse the reforms become the focus of the current water purification industry thinking war (Source network)

   water purifier business philosophy breakthrough: from turn start thinking

   victory in Internet time, "Internet +", "Internet thinking" brought about by a series of chemical reactions already influencing the development of all walks of life. Although the water purification industry as an emerging industry, but its access to the Internet a short time, due to the lack of understanding of the confusion generated by the Internet, doubts, fears, and the water purifier business for a long time been tied traditional thinking, in reality, many companies prefer to only to maintain basic operations but also to avoid the risk, willing to stop and place, not dare to do "the first person to eat crabs" and missed opportunities.

   However, in todays global economy, information integration, regardless of their willing can not stop the increasingly open market situation and snowflakes vast amounts of information flow of information. Under such circumstances, a water purifier company can not rest on its laurels more, be sure to start from the "traditional thinking" to change the "Internet thinking", so the water purification industry development today, consumers can see the cats in the day flagship store water purifiers, water purification business O2O platform figure and gave birth to the "internet +" new mode of thinking and living.

   water purifier business model breakthrough: You can not go it alone

   for water purification companies, diversified development is market share, sales, as well as the key breakthrough in the fierce competition in the widening factor. Nowadays, more and more companies began horizontal development of water purification, select the cross-border joined forces, creating new business model.

   Although the horizontal expansion there is a risk the water purifier business blindly, but give full play to the advantages between different sectors, the two sides will be reasonably effective allocation of resources, adjusting the ideal business model, try to avoid risks, diversification change is bound to play a violent chemical reaction.

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