Rural well water self-testing method
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   Now many rural areas still use well water as a source of drinking water, then you know well water in rural self-testing approach?




ordinary rural users can detect what the basic quality of well water use? Family is concerned about a lot of things, 2020-06-04 small series focus on what rural well water self-testing methods.


1, problem detection quality of well water, with "basic method", difficult to determine. Is the maximum possible physical indicators of several general chemical indicators and the determination made just basic.


2. Test content:


(1) detecting the smell and taste: YES smell water did not smell;


(2) visible objects: have eyes observation, should not see any content;


(3) color: color who observed


(4) turbidity:! Water should be transparent;

   [123 ] (5) total hardness: water boil say, to see if a plurality of "alkaline water";


   (6) PH value: PH test paper with a PH value in the range of 6.5--9.


   (7) conductivity test: observed dry batteries in series and conductive lamp


   Domestic water Tips: you need to be disinfected well water


   If the water is at contaminated, disinfect wells in place, is useless, a new water sterilization is still the same with the bacteria, therefore, in this case water disinfection more favorable end. Non-life direct drinking water, disinfected with bleach and other fungicides can be.


   It should be noted that the indirect consumption of water, be sure to use food-grade disinfectant, disinfectant in strict accordance with the amount of instructions, put on disinfectant, it is best to let the water stand in an open container in 24 hour or more, so that residual chlorine evaporate.


   Through the above description, you are sure to have well water safety knowledge to understand it. But the safety of drinking water in the small knowledge base that remind you to note that, in order to secure the best drinking more at home in the installation of household water purifiers to prevent sudden changes in water quality affect health.




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