Steamer water re-use it
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   if water is boiled for a long time or boiling too long, decomposition of nitrate to nitrite or heavy metals such as lead remains in the steamer water, certainly can not drink that water steamer repeatedly use it? Here we find the small series with a look at the answer.




Water is a human life, an important and indispensable substances, people can get along without food but can not get water, but not all of the water is drinkable, especially steamed pot of water, and that water steamer directly drink it? We all know that water is the steamer can not drink, after drinking poisoned by, since not drink, then the steamer water re-use it?


In particular, after the steamer steamer water repeatedly using water, nitrite concentration is high. Often drink this water, or boiled rice with this water will cause nitrite poisoning; scale often enter the body with water, can also cause digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases, and even cause premature aging.


If water is boiled for a long time or boiling too long, decomposition of the nitrates to nitrites or heavy metals such water remaining in the steamer. Nitrite two aspects of harm to the human body. First, human blood can nitrite normal low oxygen-carrying hemoglobin oxidation to methemoglobin, combined with the oxygen can not cause hypoxia; Second, nitrite can cause vasodilation of blood pressure drop, resulting in severe collapse. Therefore, the steamer can not drink the water.


However, the steamer can be used repeatedly in water, because the water does not boil nitrite evaporate into the air as water vapor, the water steamer can be used repeatedly without health hazard. Further, alkylene nitrate is a soluble substance, no scale, the water steamer for other aspects, are also possible.


If the boiling water, not cut off the power after the boiling water, the water is heated continuously, there will nitrite in water, so water boiling time is too long can not drink (13 years scientists confirmed by the test multiple repeated 10 times to boil water species nitrite content is almost no change, some of the water content into decline).


by a small series to introduce, it should be clear in addition to the steamer can not drink outside can be used repeatedly, there is no harm to human body, and finally Xiao Bian remind you have time to learn some families drinking water little knowledge, so that their families access to safe drinking water.




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